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    Help central mp3 server

    Is there anyone who can tell me a good recomendation for the following.

    I have a homeseer server that is connected to a amplifier.. Next to my tv in the livingroom is a screen off a laptop... I want the laptop screen to control the music on the homeseer server. I also want a music library... NO PLAYLISTS....
    The music must be stopped whenever i want.. I downloaded a kind off webserver (dont know the name) But it played 24/7....

    I tried winamp with web amp.. (Unstable no library)

    I tried winamp with skibum.. (No library)

    I tried musicmatch... (no websever to be found yet)

    Anyone dear to help me???? Pleaze

    Thanks in advance....


    This way you can write your own interface. What exactly do you mean with the term library. The way I use my winamp asp pages is I have my entire mp3 collection on the list to chose from. Is that what you mean?



      I think it is mate

      I went to your site and saw the interface cool sh#t mate... With the library i ment a mp3 database.. Sorry for the bad english...

      But i could not find a music database on your site. But i think you have... Cool site so a good programmer....

      Can you please mail the asp pages???

      As you know iam still a beginner in asp....
      So your samples will save a lot off time...
      I will ensure you i wont distribute then....

      I've been looking for months on the net now but no good things... The reply you posted... Is the answer for me... Please mate help....

      Thx for your time

      Greetz A.kivits


        ...but you should consider it if you're seriously considering an MP3 source into your receiver / amplifier. It has a web interface all set up that would do exactly what you're looking for and supports all the streaming format stuff as well.

        I'd give you a link to mine, but it's not set up to keep anyone from actually modifying what's playing and such, so... no can do.

        It's all open-source and the basic web stuff is all Perl, so a hot-shot programmer like you should be able to do a lot more kool stuff with it than I.

        I couldn't find any screen shots on their web site of the web interface, so I'm attaching some.


        (see profile for environment)
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          Iam gonna havin some fun.. hihihihihihi

          Its just what i was looking for...
          Do you know if its needs the hardware...

          Thanx Mate keep up the replying...

          Saved me months off searching on the net....


            The server is custom written to talk the protocol embedded in the player.



              and enjoy!



                Have you taken a look at Snowcrash? ( I have an old P166 (64MB RAM, 40GB drive, Windows 2000) in the basement I use for my MP3 Server. It's attached through an HACS AB8SS speaker switcher (see another post of mine for a plug-in for this device) to an old amp and drives ceiling speakers around the house. Snowcrash gives me a web interface to my whole collection. I generally use playlists with it, but you can navigate through directories if you so desire. It's very easy to use and has a high WAF.



                  I agree w/ David. I created a web interface for it (posted in Scripts Library) that, IMO, looks great and is formatted for 640x480 so ease of viewing and use. Check it out.

                  Snowcrash is much more stable that any other winamp server I've used.


                    THX Mates...