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Flash WiFi PDA Remote Control

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    Flash WiFi PDA Remote Control

    Ok, just thought I share this. Here is a Flash interface that controls HS… well really Flash/.vbs/HS/Stargate/IrExpander. This is just the .swf file (download below, so you can see and click buttons). You would need the .vbs script to make it all work. This does work by the way.

    Screen Cut - Actual Size

    I am going to use this on a Casio BE-300 w/CF WiFi card. BE-300 about 200 bucks, CF WiFi card around $100.00. Total outta pocket cost approx $300.00. WiFi/PDA/Flash/HS control… Priceless!!!

    The reason why I am using the BE-300 is because Casio has signed a deal w/Macromedia to include Flash on all their PDA’s. Current Player avail for Casio PDA’s Player5…all other PDA’s Player4 [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    So how about the speed you may ask? Well as fast as a ProntoPro($700 and up). Which is plenty fast.

    Any questions, thoughts, comments…let me know.

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    Is the interface hardcoded in flash? Or can you put whatever buttons you want in there? What do you need (software wise) to develop flash (version 4 in my case) stuff?



      Bholio - Yes for the most part it is hard coded. There are some things, I or someone could do. Flash supports dragable images, so you could set a flag in the code allowing you to drag images in Admin mode let’s say. Also, all of the text for the buttons can be set as either variables (would then read from a file) or again kinda in the Admin mode you could make the text changeable and then not in “use mode”. And lastly all of the calls to the Vbscript could also be made variables that way you could have any buttons call any hs.IRsend match.

      The PDA player4 and info is here:
      This page has a lot of info, ref, all of the PDA players for Flash. Info for the Player4 is about half way down.

      Basically, to develop Flash stuff you would need Flash, maybe a graphics package like PaintShop Pro (or you could get your images via the tons of graphics site around the web) and in your case the PDA version of the Flash player4.


        Actually here is a better direct URL for the players