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    Please help!

    I have read all the posts and can still not figure this out. I cannot figure out how to access my webpage from another computer in my network. I have my main computer that uses a ActionTec wireless Router and is hooked to my DSL line. My Homeseer server is connected to that with a Wireless card. When I click on the world icon it pulls up my webpage from the server just fine. But I cant access it from another computer within the network. I dont think I am doing the Port Forwarding thing correct.
    I am using port 8081

    On the main computer that is hooked to the router I have the following info.
    Default Gateway

    On the Homeseer computer my info is

    Can anyone help?


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    You should be able to key in and reach your hs page from your lan.



      IT just pulls up "The page cannot be displayed" error message....



        If the Homeseer software is running on the computer that has the ip then it must not be behind the firewall because it has an Internet address. Do you have a hub on your cable/dsl modem that the firewall and the Homeseer PC are both connected to? If that's the case then you don't need any port forwarding on the router. Then from the PC you should be able to go to and get in. However if the Homeseer PC is also connected to the router then it should have a 192.168.0.x IP address. Those are private addresses. In that case you would need to setup the router to forward anything on port 8081 to the IP address of the Homeseer PC. That is the way I would recommend networking it so that every machine is behind the firewall. Then you can use the private, 192.168.0.x, address to test from one machine to the other. Once that works and port forwarding is working you should be able to go to the Internet IP address of the router with a :8081 and get to it. Then it should work from anywhere. Hope that helps a little.



          On my main computer hooked to the router I went into the router info and it shows the IP address to be for the LAN and for the WAN...with a Subet mask of and gateway of

          The Homeseer computer shows a LAN IP of however the main computer hooked to the router will not let me forward that IP address.

          I am still unable to hook to the webpage from either the main computer or my laptop. However the Homeseer sever still pulls up the page fine.


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            Sounds like an ip addressing problem. Can you please list all of your computers by name, the ip address, the subnet mask, the default gateway and whether they are configured manual or using DHCP. Also a little more clarity on the router would be good. The router's WAN address should not be a 192.168.x.x address. Are you computers able to access the Internet okay through the router?



              I use the following and it works fine:

              firewalled Router:
              DHCP - off
              Router option selected to gateway

              10 ip's on the lan side starting @ and ending with .100
              gateway - on all
              dns - provided by your isp - on all
              submask - on all

              One of the 10 machines is firewalled between lan/router

              I use dns2go to keep track of my ever changing ip on that machine.

              all ports are forwarded to the proper machine on the lan or redirected to two other servers outside the lan.

              I would consider changing the wireless connection on your homeseer server. If wiring is a problem look at linksys's powerline or phoneline adapters. I use powerline adapters on all machines on the lan and they work great and don't jam the X10 signals either. I use a wireless nic on my notebook and more times then I like, it drops packets fumbles and is a general pain. Wireless on a server?

              BTW, I'm not an expert - juz a hacking hacker