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    First- Rupp, Thank you, Thanks..

    Second - After making it work, I gained a lot of confidence, and now see great potential in what I can do; I certainly can NOW see the capability in doing much bigger and better things, especially outside the HS/html directory. I was growing tired of the 'plain jane' HomeSeer look that comes right out of the box. (You can put a dress on it, but it’s still not worthy of taken home to the parents) I looked at you site RuppWorld when I first became a member, over a year ago, and was breath taken in the LOOK and structure of your site. You truly are a mentor to us all and with you nearing 6000 posts, you’re quick on the draw to reply with superb knowledge and savvy. Rupp, single handedly, you're certainly a very great asset to this community.

    - And Thank You again,

    Brent Kacian
    Homeseer - Ocelot
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