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Web Page- No "ON" or "OFF" icon

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    Web Page- No "ON" or "OFF" icon

    First off, if this has already been addressed, I do apologize. I did some searching and didn't get anything that helped.

    When I display my web page I am getting an "n/r" instead of a light bulb icon. The device types have not changed nor have they been altered. Also funny is that one of my lights now has the thermostat icons and drop down boxes. I have already deleted that Device Type and re-establised it again. As well I have restarted HS and rebooted for good measure. Anyone have any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance....
    p.s. my mind is oatmeal this evening... I also posted this in "Feature Requests" by mistake the first time.... <groan>....

    To clear the houscode and get it back to normal (on off bulbs) drop this in an event scitpt box and set it to the proper housecode:

    &hs.SetDeviceString "A1",clear

    Brent Kacian
    Homeseer - Ocelot
    &hs.please "sign" @the, guestbook,true