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Listing and getting files from home pc harddrive remotely

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    Listing and getting files from home pc harddrive remotely

    This might not be feasable. But I need to ask.
    I would like to be able to a search view
    of different directories on my home harddive
    vie my HS web server. I know how to do it
    if you already know the exact path and file name.
    Example /../../../Temp/photo1.jpg
    But is there some utility to run or add to the webserver so you can run like a file manager
    to search and copy and get files.


    I posted this awhile ago. Works great!!


      I am new at the scripting option. I added this script to my script directory and ran a test.
      It logs errors I comment the line "like line 1" and on and on. I saved this script with the
      .txt extention. That seem to be the only way the
      differnt scripts show up.
      I have read the help files. But I think I need a little more basic training. Like step by step.




        The file Ameridan linked to is not a script - but a web page. The asp bit stands for active server page. Place it in your Homeseer/html directory.

        If you have never accessed Homeseer through the web server then you will need to enable it. Go to view, options, web server tab. Tick the enable server and set the port number to something like 8080. Put a name and password under access. Tick the 'no passwords needed for the following subnets' and enter 192.168,127.0 With explorer on the homeseer machine type http://localhost:8080

        You should see the Homesser status pages. Then try http://localhost:8080/dir_list.asp

        You should see Ameridan's web page.





          Ameridan's post says its a script and in the
          dir_list file it has VBSCRIPT in the top header.
          Plus if this file is html it does not work on
          get interpated as a web file. So I am still
          copy below from Ameridan
          Seer Level 2 posted Sun, 22 December 02 12:17 PM This script started out on Rich's asp sample scripts page. I've refined it so that you are able to view all your files in Homeseer/html folder (and immediate subfolders) as well as your scripts in your Homeseer/scripts folder.

          The file directory tree of your Homeseer server is viewable, but other than the files mentioned, you cannot access the files themselves.

          I learned quite a bit working on this asp page, and thank Paul Augusto for getting me started.

          By default it is configured for non-guest access, which is recommended, and uses your color scheme from your own style sheet.

          Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

          [new version 1.5 posted 12/22 to work with standard includes- thanks to huggy for the suggestions]

          [This message was edited by Ameridan on Tuesday, 24 December 2002 at 11:15 AM.] dir_list.asp (6 Kb, 175 downloads) dir_list.asp version 1.5



            I can see why you may be confused. An ASP is basically a web page (html) BUT it allows you communicate with the server - in this case Homeseer. If someone writes an ASP, it is a combination of html code and a scripting language - in Ameridan's case VBScript.

            Putting it simply, you use the VBScript embedded in the web page to talk to the server. This can be used to send/retrieve information to be displayed on the web page or anything else JScript, VBScript, HSScript etc can do.

            Please try it - It is not a script!



              I kind of figured that out. I have tried "it"
              the asp file as part of an html web page. But
              it did not get translated or something. Maybe it is how I added it or tried to envoke it etc.
              What I tried was to take that listing of text
              as code and first just tried to to change the extention to html. Then tried to view it as a
              web page vie a browser. Then tried adding the code text edited into my personal
              web page html code file and then tried to view it,
              I think that was close to working but
              still had a lot of garbage on the web page.
              So maybe their is something either A. corrupt
              in that file from that link from that post or
              B. I don't have a dll or driver or compatble
              java etc. or C. I still just don't know what
              the heck I am doing. Which C is probably
              the most likly reason.
              Could I get a striped down basic html code
              file example that has this server file dir list
              VBScript in it so I can cut and past or
              edit it and view it and get hands on look at
              this working as part of a web page.
              My system hardware/software is one laptop
              windows 2000 intel 800 meg.latest internet Explorer and Netscape 7.1 using composer to edit and create web pages and home system that this will eventualy be running on is windows xp Athlon 1.2 gig.
              I have down loaded the latest Java and VB Script
              software and installed.

              512 meg and 30 gig.



                There are a couple issues here. First you need to understand that the filename extension makes a difference in how the file content is used. If the file is an ASP file, it MUST have the extension .asp so that the web server interprets it properly.

                Second, an ASP page runs on the web SERVER, not on your browser. Only the RESULTS of the ASP page are sent to your browser, in HTML format.

                So, your changing the name of the file extension will break it, as will your trying to lift the script and place it in an HTML file.

                BTW, using a URL containing /../../../filename is a known security issue allowing lots of problems and it is patched on most web servers to disallow that kind of directory traversal. If you insist on allowing it, you are opening up your system to hacking or at least allowing people to access files they shouldn't be able to get to.

                - Gordon

                "Security is EVERYONE'S business!"
                | - Gordon

                "I'm a Man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess." - Man's Prayer, Possum Lodge, The Red Green Show
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                  Lets go back to the beginning. Go to this page and right click on the dir_list.asp file. Save this in your Program Files/Homeseer/html directory. Do not change anything!

                  For this webpage to work, you need to turn on Homeseer's own web server. From Homeseer, Go to the view then options then web server tab. Tick the enable server box and set the port number to 8080. Put a name and password under access. Tick the 'no passwords needed for the following subnets' and enter 192.168,127.0 Then save & exit.

                  Now using Internet Explorer on your Homeseer PC type:<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>http://localhost:8080/dir_list.asp <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> in the browser URL window.

                  The page will appear!

                  If you see errors such as custom footer etc you will need to go to the Homeseer updater and find something marked as 'includes' files. Install these and everything should be working.




                    Ok I think I am getting this.
                    I place the dir_list.asp file in the HomeSeer directory somewhere. Then login to my webserver and
                    "get" the result from the ASP script. But how do I
                    envoke or enable it?
                    Also I am a little confused about the comments about
                    using /../../../ to look at files remotely. I thought this was ok to do?
                    If I have a password protected web site.
                    Plus who care what I have on my system.
                    Still pecking away at this.



                      Ok, put the dir_list.asp file in your C:\homeseer\html subdir. Assuming you have HS' internal web server set up as Jon00 said (port 8080), then go to your browser on your HS server machine and type in the URL (or just click it here):


                      if you haven't changed the port in the HS web config, use this URL:


                      You should then see the page listing the various subdirs and files after it is built (takes a few seconds).

                      For security, you will not be able to see anything above your HomeSeer's html sibdir.

                      If you need to see files in other directories that aren't in the HomeSeer\html subdir, you will either have to copy them into a subdir under HomeSeer\html, or use another web server at a different port that allows defining virtual directories, such as IIS, or Apache.

                      - Gordon

                      "Security is EVERYONE'S business!"
                      | - Gordon

                      "I'm a Man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess." - Man's Prayer, Possum Lodge, The Red Green Show
             - -


                        Directory traversal through a browser is considered a security risk because if you allowed "/../../../../" etc. what would prevent the public from accessing your password files, applicaton data files (do you use Quicken or MSMoney?), private documents, etc.?

                        As far as using an account and password to secure the web, there are brute-force password guessing utilities that could probably guess your password within a couple days if it is based on any English word or name... how secure is that?

                        Are you on a network? How about accessing network documents and file shares to other machines?

                        I guess we should ask you why you want to use a web browser to search files on the HS machine? You could use regular Windows file sharing if you are on the same network, and that can usually be blocked at the Internet router so you are fairly secure.

                        - Gordon

                        "Security is EVERYONE'S business!"
                        | - Gordon

                        "I'm a Man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess." - Man's Prayer, Possum Lodge, The Red Green Show
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                          Ok everyone I have this working now.
                          Thanks for everyone for putting up with my
                          what seemed like stupid questions.
                          First of all I already knew how to go to my HS
                          web server both local for review and editing and
                          remote have had that running for almost a month.
                          What had happen the first time I had "clicked"
                          on the link from Ameridan or what ever his name
                          was the file saved as a html file. That was the first goof. Later I file saved it as dir_list.asp.
                          Then I really did not know that this little
                          application was web based if you will script.
                          Then after feedback from all I did get the
                          asp to run. But I did still have to edit it.
                          The part of the file

                          ' Create our FSO
                          Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
                          ' Get a handle on our folder
                          Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(strPath & strFolder)

                          ' This line creates the entire HomeSeer header and page title. DID NOT WORK SO REMMED OUT BELOW TWO LINES.
                          ' strTitle = "Contents of " & strPath
                          ' Response.Write CustomHeader(strTitle)
                          Well the type format in this post meesed it up
                          at any rate I remmed that part out for a custom
                          header and it RAN!!!! Whoo AAhhh!
                          I understand the security concerns and why letting
                          remote web access to my files is not a smart thing. I was just looking for a quick and
                          simple was to grab files at home from work
                          if I just had to have them etc.
                          What I will do is place a few of the sub directories that or for my work on home pc
                          into my HS htmp/work directory. This will
                          do all I need. Plus remember I am just learning
                          all this web/ html/ asp/ script/ web server homeseer stuff.
                          Thanks again for all who replied and walked me
                          through getting this to work.
                          Me the dangerous tech. Pretending to be a software



                            Congrats, MJ! Now, if you don't need to actually list the files, you can just put them in subdirs under HomeSeer\html and access with the appropriate URL as long as you KNOW where they are - that way you don't need the dir_list.asp.

                            For example, if you created a C:\homeseer\html\myfiles subdir, and put the file phonelist.txt in there, you would access it as URL:


                            For filenames with spaces in them, translate the spaces to "%20", so a file named "phone list.txt" would be "phone%20list.txt" in the URL.

                            Glad you got it going.

                            - Gordon

                            "Security is EVERYONE'S business!"
                            | - Gordon

                            "I'm a Man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess." - Man's Prayer, Possum Lodge, The Red Green Show
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