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Ultraview Install failure - script errors.

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    Ultraview Install failure - script errors.


    wanted to try out UltraView but ran into several problems. I am getting the following errors

    From Page - http://localhost:8081/ultra_view2_config.htm

    "Major Error: Unable to talk with HomeSeer. Ensure you are running this web page from the same PC that HomeSeer is running on."

    From the Page:http://localhost:8081/ultra_view2.asp

    "An error occured while parsing the xml data. Line No.: 1 Charactor 89 Source text: <p><i><b>Script Error</b></i><br>500 Variable is undefined'Getlocation' in line 202</p> Description: End tag 'p' does not match start tag 'br'

    I have no clue why this is happening. I have not done any customization at all. Followed the setup instruction but got error immediatly upon loading the two pages in question. I am running the latest MS Explorer with all patches and XP Pro. At the time of the test Homeseer was running and I tried to launch it from the webserver. I have double checked that all files included in the download are in there correct locations. Hmm...