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Reverse Proxy http binary protocol- help s.v.p.

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    Reverse Proxy http binary protocol- help s.v.p.

    I'm working on a reverse proxy server - runs on the always-on PC, listens to port 80, looks at the URL and decides which web server and/or machine to pass the request to. And copy the response data back to the client.

    Capability is to have several web servers on multiple machines (NATed) to all appear to be on port 80 of one machine.

    Works now for straight HTTP text. But for binary traffic like image/jpeg, the standar says there's supposed to be a length parameter from the server. Some just send "image/jpeg" and then the binary data.

    Anyone know where I can read about this?

    I found one public domain reverse proxy server - but I cannot get it configured to route based on URL. It routes based on domain name.
    Apache has a reverse proxy in it, but it doesn't look like it parses the URL to route.

    Look at this thread which should help you.


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