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Ivista Stream in a TV !!

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    Ivista Stream in a TV !!

    I'm trying to put the Ivista stream in the middle of 4 jpegs so that it looks like it's in a TV but after looking for ages at how to do it and fiddling around I'm still no better off.

    This is the page

    and this is the code that needs to go in somewhere to put the stream in the box :

    <applet archive=Inetcam_av.jar codebase="" code=InetcamAVideo.class name=Inetcam width=320 height=240 VIEWASTEXT id=Applet1>
    <param name=cabbase value=""><param name=SERVER_NAME value=""><param name=IMAGE_TYPE value="JPEG"><param name=IMAGE_WIDTH value="110"><param name=IMAGE_HEIGHT value="110"><param name=COMPRESSION value="65"><param name=CGI_BASE value="/cgi"><param name=CGI_NAME value="nph-jpeg.exe?"><param name=AUDIO_CGI_BASE value="/cgi"><param name=AUDIO_CGI_NAME value="nph-au.exe?-encode8"><param name=SERVER_PERIOD value="66"><param name=SERVER_PORT value="8080"><param name=CAPTION_X value="0"><param name=CAPTION_Y value="0"><param name=LTIME_X value="0"><param name=LTIME_Y value="0"><param name=CTIME_X value="5"><param name=CTIME_Y value="12"><param name=DEVICE value="0"><param name=SERVER_DESCRIPTION value="Web Video">

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Wrap the code you posted in a div tag and then manipulate the style to move it into position like:
    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    &lt;div style="position:relative; top:-558; left:-78;"&gt;

    &lt;applet archive=Inetcam_av.jar codebase="" code=InetcamAVideo.class name=Inetcam width=320 height=240 VIEWASTEXT id=Applet1&gt;
    &lt;param name=cabbase value=""&gt;
    &lt;param name=SERVER_NAME value=""&gt;
    &lt;param name=IMAGE_TYPE value="JPEG"&gt;
    &lt;param name=IMAGE_WIDTH value="110"&gt;
    &lt;param name=IMAGE_HEIGHT value="110"&gt;
    &lt;param name=COMPRESSION value="65"&gt;
    &lt;param name=CGI_BASE value="/cgi"&gt;
    &lt;param name=CGI_NAME value="nph-jpeg.exe?"&gt;
    &lt;param name=AUDIO_CGI_BASE value="/cgi"&gt;
    &lt;param name=AUDIO_CGI_NAME value="nph-au.exe?-encode8"&gt;
    &lt;param name=SERVER_PERIOD value="66"&gt;
    &lt;param name=SERVER_PORT value="8080"&gt;
    &lt;param name=CAPTION_X value="0"&gt;
    &lt;param name=CAPTION_Y value="0"&gt;
    &lt;param name=LTIME_X value="0"&gt;
    &lt;param name=LTIME_Y value="0"&gt;
    &lt;param name=CTIME_X value="5"&gt;
    &lt;param name=CTIME_Y value="12"&gt;
    &lt;param name=DEVICE value="0"&gt;
    &lt;param name=SERVER_DESCRIPTION value="Web Video"&gt;


    Isn't Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?

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      got the above working okay now, can you have a look and explain why everything is pushed so far down the page ?

      Thanks, I really should learn HTML properly !


        I'm not real sure why the image is so far down the page but you could use another div tag around the table that builds the TV picture and move every thing up.

        Isn't Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?