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    Push page to frame

    Is there a way to push a page to a frame?

    - touchscreen-1 is displaying a page that has 2 frames.
    - frame1 and frame2.

    Is there a way to PUSH a page to "frame1" without disturbing/reloading "frame2"?

    I push a button on a page in frame 1 and it reloads a page in frame 2. Is this what your after?

    Isn't Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?


      Thanks for the reply, Rupp.

      No, not manually from a button or a link but actually have the HomeSeer server PUSH the page to frame number 1, (changing that frame only), without disturbing frame number 2.

      My initial purpose for this procedure would be to PUSH HomeSeer's "hs.SpeakToFile" within a webpage that a script builds to hold it. The script would determine which individual station, group of stations, or all stations to send the webpage to, and then would send it to only frame1, (an invisible frame of 0 height).

      Here's is my primary idea for use of the PUSH, although, there could be many other uses...

      For this example, 2 frames, frame1 and frame2.
      Frame1 is an invisible frame, (a frame of 0 height), that does not show on the screen. Frame2 is the normal viewing area of the webpage.
      As events happen that are normally spoken by the HomeSeer computer, they would also be PUSHed to the correct stations.

      I already have this working with a PULL from frame1, but that keeps the frame checking every 3 seconds to see if it needs to refresh. The frame is very small, so reloading it isn't easily detectable, but I'd like to change this to a PUSH to get rid of the constant checking.

      --- OR ---

      Is there a better/easier way to go about this whole thing?


        Hi Jake,

        The only way that I know of to PUSH data back to a web page is with Java or perhaps there is some way to do it with Flash, but you can't do it with HTML. Once an HTML page is served up to the client, the connection is dropped. You would need to implement some sort of Java applet that would listen for UDP messages from the server or perhaps keep a TCP socket open with Java. The only way to do what you want with HTML is by polling.

        HomeSeer Rocks!