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    Access to HS from the Internet

    Slightly new to using HS and wondered if there is an "idiots" guide to setting up access from the outside world. I have the following: Broadband access via cable through a dedicated machine running a firewall and also gateway software so that I can access the web from a number of PC's aroundthe house. I have a static IP address from my service provider and will need to configure access through the firwall plus route the requests to the PC running HS as it is not the same one as that running the firwall and gateway software.

    I could probably work it all out but thought I would ask to try and save some time

    I don't think there is any one guide, and each router will have its own quirks, but there are a lot of posts about the subject in this forum. for example. Try "internet access" as your key words.

    You'll probably need to configure port forwarding in your router. How to do so will depend upon your router. If you have a dynamic ip you may also want to try something like to help manage this. Seems to me there is a script in the library that will work with this site.


      You will be happier long term if you put in a hardware Router/Firewall. You can get one for 30-$40 bucks. (or less) -- You may want to consider a wireless version if you see that in your future. Troubleshooting, maintenance all get a lot easier.

      Let me know if you want recommendations....


        A gateway (I suppose you mean a single computer with two network cards and router software) is always much more flexible than any hardware router. If you have such a gateway, stick to it.

        There is no such thing as a single guide for this. Besides this, you have multiple options, like using the gateway to do NAT as a Homeseer interface or use a webserver as a reverse proxy. In your case, I would go for the NAT on port numbers to access homeseer on your other PC.



          It took me less then 20 minutes to set up my DLink wireless router, forward the ports needed for 6 web servers and netmeeting and get my 4 other computers along with 2 Audry's on line and talking to each other as well as surfing the web. Along with this was the deletion of the problematic Zone Alarm. I have not had a single problem either. It well worth the prices for wireless access especially if you have a laptop.

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            I run with a similiar architecture and use the built-in W2K Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the computer that is connected to the internet.

            It is setup to allow sharing which is done with a right-click from Network Neighborhood, Properties, select the internet connect and right-click properties and Sharing Tab. Settings, Services Tab and add a service for the port that is defined for homeseer server.

            To the best of my knowledge when you run ICS you cannot run a router since both want to use as their IP address. In essence ICS is your router and is like one of those X10 deals where you buy one Operating System and get one router free.


              Thanks to everyone for their help on this, I now have it working, I am using a software proxy engine (Comtun) and once I had the IP addressing clear in my mind it took about 15 minutes to setup. The software is both a proxy server and also a firewall, I can recomend it as it seems quite powerful and easy to setup


                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> To the best of my knowledge when you run ICS you cannot run a router since both want to use as their IP address. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                Actually, you can configure (at least some) routers to listen to a different IP address. I initially had a Linux box that was my gateway, but one of the NICs died and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet. I happened to have a spare netgear router laying around that is currently residing happily at

                My own $.02 is to get a hardware firewall since they tend to be more secure than a software-only solution. YMMV, however.