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  • Web Wrapper acts funny

    Hello All,

    I have Web Wrapper installed (which is newer than the one available in the Updater, it seems - I downloaded it from another users Homeseer site).

    My reason for trying the new one was to see if it would resolve the problem I am having with missing menu links. If I add custom pages to the web site and use the web wrapper in them, I don't get all the menu choices I get if I look at a Homeseer generated page.

    For example, I just added the RC-100 plugin and it added a web menu option at the top of the page for the RC-Thermostat on any Homeseer generated page. But on my custom pages, which use Web Wrapper for the menu, the Thermostat menu option does not appear.

    Am I doing something wrong, is Web Wrapper not working right? Any advice appreciated!

    Doug Force

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    The web wrapper should just be calling your links.htm. What does that file contain? If you are adding the links through a separate links editor, that could be doing something. I provide version on my site (perhaps that is where you Dloaded it ) in which AJ made a modification to correct a problem I noticed in where he was adding an extra blank line before the links appear. This was causing inconsistancy between HomeSeer and non-HomeSeer generated pages. I guess it was never re-added to the updater.


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      It sounds like the issue is that forced is not using a links.htm. And with no links.htm, you see all the plugin links.

      He said he added the RC-100 plugin. Plugins register their links and HS then adds those links to the other HS generated links. If you have a links.htm it overrides the HS ones.

      Since Web Wrapper was written before there was a HomeSeer function to get the plugin links, Web Wrapper is not displaying the links added by plugins.

      I went through this with the include files and modified them recently to use the new HS function.
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