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    Hi IM Bob
    I am new to all this so please have bear with me, I finally was able to open my web page at Homeseer, I was told the one problem I would have is my IP would change and I would have to find out what the new one is and re-enter it ok, first I went to a free DNS service to keep my IP current but I have no idea how to set this up Host type ect. please advise, have to go now thanks for all the help

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    First off, Welcome Bob to a great message board.

    I use the same dns redirect service you do, however im at work right now and can't access my setup. I will post a screen shot of my setup screen when i get home. (approx. 6:00 eastern time)

    Just wanted you to know "helps on the way".

    A quick question (or a few)
    Dial-up or broadband?
    Cable or dsl?
    Do you have a hardware router/firewall?
    What port are you running Homeseer on?

    Later, Terry


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      :WoW thanks a lot for the help thought I was lost there for a while,

      OS XPHsp2, Cable, Linksys router, Norton INS, port 80

      Thanks Bob



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        Hello again Bob

        Okay, lets see if we can get this dog to hunt.

        First obtain the IP address of your router, this is the IP that the sign up webpage is asking for on

        You get to the NO-IP setup screen online thru the client. Just hit the "edit" button at the top of the dialog box.

        The type of host I picked was "DNS Host A". Input the IP into the box provided. The client that downloads to your computer will then monitor the IP assigned to the router and if this changes it will update the DNS server. Now any request for your site name will be re-directed to the proper IP.

        You should also reference the "sticky" thread at the top of the "Webcam plugin " and Web access" threads as they were written by the tech's at Homeseer and it is an excellent guide for remote access.

        Hope this helps, if not type me back and we will go from there.

        Later, Terry


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          Thanks Terry thats just what I needed, but not sure of "sticky" thred, told you I was new to this
          but thanks again


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            At the top of the two forums listed is a thread that will "stick" there. All other threads move around as to last access and such. Newer threads or old threads that were last added to move to the top of the list, "below" the sticky one.

            Glad to help, Terry