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How to run CGI script under HS3 Web Server

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    How to run CGI script under HS3 Web Server

    I am running HS3 PRO on a Raspberry Pi Linux system (the HomeTroller Zee S2 box).

    I figured out where to place my own HTML files (/usr/local/HomeSeer/html) and I can get a web page displayed, but when I invoke my CGI script, instead of running, the browser pops up a "download" window.

    I know how to fix this problem if HS3 was using the Linux Apache web server, but it is not. What web server does HS3 use? What is the name and location on the disk of the web server? Where are the configuration files?

    Can anyone help me?


    I don't know whether anything has ever changed but HST were clear that the web server was a complete custom matter (in a thread that talked about what HS actually used as a server) so if that is still the same I am afraid you are unlikely to be able to get CGI support unless HS specifically implement it. You can as far as I am aware only configure the options already available in the settings pages.



      Instead, I modified the doorlock.vb script to append to preformatted html files which end up displaying just fine.