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SSL Build of HomeSeer 2

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    SSL Build of HomeSeer 2

    This is re-posted here from another forum for those looking for this build to try.

    Here is build 1996 with SSL enabled. As mentioned earlier, if you are an SSL expert I'd like to know if this is working properly. It includes a sample certificate so it will work by just enabling SSL in the Web Server options, but you will get the error dialog when you connect. I did try to install a real certificate but I could not figure it out. There are many formats and conversions that you evidently need to do. Its also possible that its not coded correctly. Feedback welcome to sort it out.

    Also, when you display the status page it also asks about displaying unsecure items. I don't know what its complaining about on that page.
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    It is working perfectly!!!

    Follow the other thread on this forum and there is a URL for Microsoft Technet that shows you how to convert Certificate formats.

    Mike and I should be coming with a cookbook as soon as we figure out how to handle a server behind a NAT firewall using a private IP address.



    PS: PM me if you have any specific questions.


      Look like a lot of people have been able to try this before me... with success!

      Thanks one more time for releasing this SSL version, this is the main reason I picked HS over other product. Selling a product is one thing but standing behind it is what makes you guys worth every $$ in your product.