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    I wasn't able to find much on using the Iotawatt with homeseer so I just wanted to post this up in case others could use it. These 14 channel power monitors are great units, best that I've worked with so far. I wrote this quick homeseer script to grab the values from the iotawatt API. Set this script to auto run every 10 seconds or so, I think 5 seconds is the shortest period. I only have 4 probes currently measuring my grid connection and solar PV(Northamerican split phase), but have 10 more probes on order. So I haven't tested it using all 14 channels yet but I expect it will work fine. If I can help anyone with setup let me know.
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    Hi! How is this working for you? I was thinking about using the Brultech GEMs, but I have a dozen circuits in 4 locations. I want to monitor (2 panels in not the house, one at the garage/service entrance, and a panel for all the pool equipment), which is a huge pricetag for the GEMs.

    The iotawatt seems to be a much more modern implementation of hardware and software, and cheap for 16 sensors, but there isn't a lot of software support for it here...



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      I've been using mine for about three months now and it's by far the most "boring" piece of smart-home equipment I've ever bought.
      I love it, besides one minor snafu it really has been matter of set and forget. Accuracy as a whole was within 1% of last months utility bill.
      Only recommendation is that I think they're working on a new model/generation and it might be worth waiting for, then again, my current model have been great.

      Personally I prefer to have HS take care of the automation side of things and use other means for data logging and visualization, so I let IoTaWatt log to InfluxDB Database and I use Grafana for visualizations.

      I use a Node-Red flow to periodically (think it's every 10s or so) read the last value, from the DB, for values that I use for events (monitor washer/dryer, whole house consumption etc.) and report that back to HomeSeer via MQTT. I also use MQTT and Node-Red to log values FROM HomeSeer TO InfluxDB and Grafana, for visualization of temperatures etc.

      p.s. pie chart is work in progress

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        Pretty neat. The new V5 hardware just started shipping, and supports native 3 phase monitoring, without having to use a normal CT tap for the primary.

        Seems really well done. Does your script talk to MQTT? I haven't played with MQTT at all, but this seems a way better piece of hardware than the Brultech units.

        Support on their website seems very good too, and runs an open source code base which is really nice. Do you run a logging server locally on a Pi?



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          I don't use any custom, script on the HS3 side, for this - only the mcsMQTT plugin to get values into HS.

          I do have a flow (I guess you can call that script) in Node-Red to read the value from the database and broadcast it on MQTT which HS3 then listens to through the plugin,

          You could run it on a PI but I have a W2016 Server machine that runs HS3, surveillance and a few other things plus, for example Grafana and InfluxDB (the database for logging) it also runs one instance of Node-Red that handles this, writes all the Z-Wave data (temp/humidity) to InfluxDB, as well as data from DarkSky weather.

          I'm sure there's other ways of doing it but it works for me and I've come to like Node-Red quite a lot for these type of things.

          (msg boxes are just for debug)
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            mr.Magoo... Any updates? How do you like the iotawatts? Are you using HS logic to do anything with the info?



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              No updates really except that it's been working flawlessly - set and forget.
              It would have been great if IoTaWatt would support MQTT out of the box since it would make the connection to HomeSeer easier, but it's not the end of the world.

              I have a few events tied to it, mainly monitoring washer/dryer for cycle finished and when you lock/leave the house I check the overall consumption for anomalies and in the event that there's a higher consumption than normal I send a text to myself and the wife as an FYI.
              I use the main consumption as a small display on a ImperiHome