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APC UPS on Synology?

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  • APC UPS on Synology?

    Has anyone gotten this monitoring the APC on a Synology NAS? Synology is supposed to support NUT.
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    I don't have a Synology, but if you enable debugging on the plugin we might be able to get a bit mode insight. Does it connect and can you post the HS3 log from the plugin when it poll the UPS for updates? Note the HS3 plugin is windows only.

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      I like to connect to the NUT server running on my Synology as well. I already run WinNUT on the HS3 machine to make sure it shuts down properly, and that works. However, I had to add a username and password to the configuration file like this: MONITOR ups@ 1 monuser secret slave

      monuser/secret are the default userid/pwd on the Synology NAS. Without this, WinNUT doesn't work. So I think I need to supply this info to the plugin as well, however I don't see where I can enter this info...

      Any suggestions?


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        Never mind, it works now. Not that I changed anything... still wondering why it works without credentials...


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          I am trying this plugin and so far love having all the information. I have two UPS's - 1) an APC model connected directly to my HS3 machine via USB cable, and 2) a CyberPower that is connected to my Synology DS1515+. HS3 is running on Lubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS.

          Monitoring the CyberPower "through" the Synology (over my home network) turned out to be simpler than it seemed at first. I thought I would have to be running both apcupsd (for the APC UPS) and NUT (for Synology / CyberPower) on my HS3 server, but Lubuntu / Ubuntu would not allow me to install them both. I had installed apcupsd to get the APC communication with the plugin, and didn't feel like throwing away the work done to get that configured. So, I just left apcupsd running to see what would happen when I asked the plugin to find a NUT device.

          On the Synology, go to Control Panel > Hardware & Power and check "Enable network UPS server". Then click on the "Permitted DiskStation Devices" and enter the IP address of your HS3 machine. I know a computer running HS3 is not a "DiskStation Device", but from what I have read Synology runs NUT, and filling in this information just allows a remote client to access the NUT daemon running on the Synology.

          In the HS2 APCUPSD plugin > Configuration, create a new instance. For Host, fill in the IP address of your Synology; the Port value is 3493 (standard port for NUT). Select NUT as the Monitoring type. I didn't see a way of providing a name - it just defaults to "ups".

          That's it - the plugin picked up the info and both UPS' appear to be monitored.



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            As I think about this more, I think I'm better with my original solution.

            When my power goes out, I have a portable generator that I use to power (most of) the house. Many times, I don't realize when power is restored, because my main breaker is turned off while the generator is on. With the original solution, I'll be able to get a notice when power is restored so I can go out to the garage to turn off the generator and go back to utility power.