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  • won't unzip...

    The log shows:
    Error unzipping C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\Updates3\APCUPSD3.0.6.10\, Wrong Local header signature: 0x4F44213C on line 0

    When I try to manually unzip it in Windows, I get
    Cannot Complete the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard
    The compressed (zipped) folder is empty...

    The log also shows I've downloaded it sucessfully three times, so it looks like there was a problem when the zip was created.

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    I contacted HomeSeer asking them to fix it.

    I checked it and can reproduce it. The zip files that HS3 downloads are only 2k and the zip files that I asked them to install into the updater are much larger.


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        Did you try again? Should be fixed (since last week actually)


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          Looks like I tried again on the 18th, and everything went fine. I'm using it with a couple of APCs on different computers to try to log ongoing recurring power grid problems here. I just wish APCUPSD could pick up what is supposedly being sent from my WD EX4 NAS, which is connected via USB to a Back-UPS Pro XS 1300. The EX4 is set up in "Network UPS Master mode", but it's either using a port I can't figure out, or some proprietary software that WD tech support doesn't know anything about. At least it sends me an email whenever its UPS switches... Have any thoughts on what might be going on there?

          Thanks again
          Jim Madigan


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            I am not familiar with the WD EX4 NAS but have an XS 1300 here connected to a Windows 7 machine and reports fine all information. When you connect the same UPS to a Windows box, do you get more details from the UPS?

            Found this about the apcupsd and Back-UPS Pro XS 1300; might be helpfull:


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              Sorry - I came up with more info I should have posted sooner.

              I got into the EX4 via SSH, and started poking around. After googling all the files I could find having to do with UPS support, it seems WD is using something called NUT (Network UPS Tools)
              which seems to be a somewhat distant relative of APCUPSD. There is a mostly-abandoned Windows client for it
              and using it I was able to connect with the EX4 and get a dashboard up for the 1300.

              Apparently someone is/was working on some kind of driver to connect the two
              but my linux skills (or any other programming skills, for that matter!) aren't up to the task of making sense of it all.

              So there it is - I don't have any idea of the ratio of NUT vs APCUPSD users out there or the difficulty of adding NUT compatiblity, but I'd certainly appreciate being able to keep my eye on that 1300 via HomeSeer.

              Jim Madigan


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                Thanks. NUT is different from apcupsd; I looked at it a little but did not have a chance to try to support it. So far it does not look like it has the richness of information provided by apcupsd (all the status information).


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                  I posted an updated version of the plug-in (V3.1) with support for NUT. Give it a try if still interested.


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                    Thanks for following up - I really am scared of trying to install new software on my NAS - too much data to lose if I screw up.

                    Is there some configuration I need to do in HS other than set the IP address on the configuration page? I'd been playing with it, so I deleted the UPS3 instance I created and then recreated it - it came back up with the (correct) IP address I'd entered before and port 3493. It shows "tripplite is enabled" (I'm using an APC Back-UPS XS1300G) but the data is never updated. The "UPS3 Last Updated" keeps incrementing, and the time shown in "UPS3 Start Time" seems about right for when I started HS, but all the other fields are showing 0, and "UPS3 Status" shows Offline as of 5/21/1929 11:00:00 AM.

                    The EX4 is set as "Network UPS Master mode" which seems like the correct choice.

                    Any thoughts?

                    Jim Madigan
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                      You should not need to change anything on the NAS. Do you get any error in the HS3 log (like connection issues which could be related to a firewall)?

                      Can you check "Debug" and "Log to HomeSeer" in the plugin configuration page and post (or email me) the HS3 log, at least the section where the plugin logs output when it is monitoring the NAS? It should list the variables, information or errors as it communicates with NUT on the NAS. Thanks


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                        Thank you for performing the test and sending the logs. The issue is an error returned by NUT (I should post an error or warning to the HS3 log in an upcoming version)

                        PHP Code:
                        Mar-31 6:51:21 PM         APCUPSD (UPS3Debug    QueryStatusAndEvents NUT - VAR = ERR DRIVER-NOT-CONNECTED
                        -31 6:51:21 PM         APCUPSD (UPS3Debug    QueryStatusAndEvents NUT - VAR = 
                        Per section "15. Why do the client programs say Driver not connected when I try to run them?" from, it means something is not configured right on NUT.

                        Just to ensure I did not miss anything, could you perform another test enabling Debug and Verbose Debug in the plugin configuration (you can can enable / disable them while HS3 is running) to collect and post or email one of the HS3 log sections that starts with "--------------- refreshTimer START -----------------" and ends with "--------------- refreshTimer END -----------------". This will give me a little more insight. Thank you.

                        Do you have another NUT client connected (windows client on a PC for example) and does it communicate fine with it?


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                          I'm sending you the info you requested - let me know if you're unable to read it.

                          Jim Madigan


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                            Thank you for the additional information and logs. I will look more into it over the weekend but believe know what's going on. In your case multiple UPSes are defined on your NAS and the plugin is quering UPS details for one that is not configured leading to the error. NUT has a feature where one connection supports multiple UPS setups; I will update the plugin to let you pick the NUT UPS to monitor and that I believe should resolve the issue.


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                              Could you try the attached version of the plugin (zip only contains executable) before I sent it to the updater?

                              It contains an additional setting on the UPS configuration tab to select the NUT UPS name. Not that if you switch from APCUPSD to NUT the whole configuration page refreshes to re-fetch the list of UPSes from NUT; I might optimize this at some point in the future.
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