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A couple questions on the plug in

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  • A couple questions on the plug in

    I've got my 1240 hooked up and I've been using Henholder's plugin for HS. Works very well and its free. However it lacks some features one might expect in a polished (paid for) product.

    A few questions on this plug in.
    1) Are users finding it stable? Sounds like there are a few bugs left.
    2) How configurable are the graphs and displays? Can I zoom in and control the scaling?
    3) Can I adjust the graph size for different displays?
    4) Regarding the EngineG software, will it store fairly large databases (>100MB).

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    What enhancements would you like to see to tenHsEcm12xx ?


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      Hi Ed

      Well, I'd like to be able to do what I described below. I'd like to be able to zoom in (scale change) and change the graph size. Some people use the displays IP address to assign certain graphs size. Lots of ways to do it I suppose. I also want to store usage in a database for extended periods of time, hence the desire to use the Brultech EngineG database.

      Probably other desires will come to mind after I use the 1240 for a while. This function is high enough priority for me that I'm willing to pay for a full function plugin.


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        I've been using the "free" plugin for a little over a month now. It works fine for what I need to do with it.

        1. I have had some issues on disconnecting/reconnecting when my server gets rebooted. I'm not so sure that isn't the Brultech device hanging up on me either? I've also had lost/missing data and now I see some device name changes and the "UNKNOWN" even though I had data in there (i.e. Energy Last Month, etc...) Haven't had a chance to track that down.

        2. Yes, the graphs are somewhat configurable. You can check out the Chart page here for options.

        *The graphing in all the HS plugins are what I'm missing. I'm working on a Java backend to feed jFreeCharting which allows tons of charting options.

        3. Yes, see link above for more info on usage -
        cw=nn (Chart width in pixels)
        ch=nn (Chart height in pixels)

        4. I'll let Ed handle that one.

        And remember, it's a free plugin that works well and gets you a baseline of data out to do anything you want with it. Ed has done a great job by allow integration/non-integration into HS.