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Working with HS3?

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    Working with HS3?

    I been reading the posts in this forum and can't figure if this plug in is work with HS3. I been using it with HS2 and it's been great. But can't get it working with HS3. I can get it connect to the com port, but can't get any info into the devices.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry for the late reply. This plugin seems to have been completely forgotten but they don't forget to charge you for it.

    Short answer, yes.

    Long answer... I'm running HomeSeer on a HomeTroller Zee S2 upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3. With some tinkering I have the beta version of the plugin working.

    The main issue I have once I got it working is on HS Touch iOS app, my thermostat room temperature thermometer reading is pulled from the CurrentCost unit in my cold basement, not the thermostat itself.

    Some issues I had setting up were setting the baud rate every time the unit restarts (won't save in config) and also talking to the USB port in general. Installing the current version ( before installing the beta seems to have fixed that problem.

    I am at a complete noob experience level, but I managed to push the right buttons and yell at it enough to at least get it pulling data for the CurrentCost Envir unit.

    Good Luck!

    UPDATE: Deleting my thermostats temperature child and rescanning the node fixed my thermometer issue. Also, the baud rate seems to have stayed since my last restart. Maybe because I also edited the rate chart? With those issues fixed, it seems to be working 100% at this time.
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      I managed to get the plugin activated and successfully setup. But I am not receiving any data... What settings did you change in order to make it work? I have tried the two settings that I can see, either baud rate of 57600 or 2400, restarted HS3 with both setting enabled, but all of the created devices show nothing except Realtime usage all channels that show 0 /kwh. The display is working and showing realtime information. Any tips on how to proceed?