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  • Bug with the rate in the divice ?


    i changed the rate in a new table and saved it...but the rate is not used in the divice and stay as the default rate " 0.13"...i spoke with greg about it and he told me it could be a bug ...what do you think about this ?


    • If I change the rate on my onfig screen, the rate is properlly reflected in the device that displays the rate.
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      • that is exactly i would like to do but i can't !!!
        my version is beta ! i am to replace it once again...i don't see anymore to do, is it ?


        • tempreture monitor

          Hi there, is it possible that you could either add a graph for moitoring the tempreture over the day or give a idiots guide to adding one for myself. Sorry im new to all this

          Thanks in advance



          • Is there a better software ann this out there, since the last post here was for 2 years ago?


            • Originally posted by Mrtiger View Post
              Is there a better software ann this out there, since the last post here was for 2 years ago?
              Did you try the software? It comes with a 30 day trial. I've had no issues with it as long as you replace your database every 6 or 8 months as it can get really large and slow as time progresses.


              • how do i do to get this working in hstouch.
                It would be nice to have some grafs in hstouch...
                And, how do i cange the KW price? i see that is 0.13 but here the cost is litte bit higher


                • Originally posted by rjh View Post
                  Actually, you might be able to use it for other hardware, I will make a change that will allow it to continue to update if the comport is 0. Also, I will add an API call that will allow you to log the data. You can also log the data yourself (if you need to do it from a seperate app or plugin). Just append data to the currentcosthistory.txt file in the HS config folder, add a line like:

                  6/19/2010 5:10:12 PM,0,5712

                  The format is:

                  Date Time,sensor,watts
                  I have a script which runs every 5 minutes and adds a line to the currentcosthistory.txt file.
                  The file keeps growing, but as far as I can see it never is added to the database. When I restart HS the data is collected form the currentcosthistory.txt file and added to the database and the currentcosthistory.txt file is cleared.

                  Couple of questions.(also see images below)
                  1. When and how is the data from the currentcosthistory.txt file processed?
                  2. Now I run my script to add data to the currentcosthistory.txt file every 5 minutes, is this okay or do I need to increase the reoccurrence?
                  3. The charts don't look okay to me. The "last hour" chart is sort of corrupted and the "Today vs Yesterday" chart has only spikes.

                  Any help is more than welcome.

                  Thanks in advance,
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                  Rien du Pre
                  The Netherlands
                  Homeseer PRO latest HS4 BETA on a Raspberry
                  RFXCOM, mcsMQTT, Z-Wave


                  Unconfigured PHP Module