2010-09-02 See the help file for information on a new script method for obtaining energy data for use with other programs.
2010-09-15 Added triggers for to alert you to conditions of the current rate compared to rate tables defined.
2010-09-20 Same as .49 feature-wise. Internal changes to prevent database concurrency and memory issues which can lead to errors.
2010-09-21 Fixed a bug in .53 that prevented data from being retrieved from the database.
2010-09-21 Used InvariantCulture to remove culture specific settings on numerical values which were causing SQL errors due to commas being used as decimal separator.
2010-09-23 (BETA) A change made in 55 to fix issues on systems with different localization settings for numerals caused an error on all systems. This has been addressed in this release and tested on a U.S. system, but I am making it available first as a BETA to make sure it works for non-U.S. localized systems.