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Problem with Current Cost History form Europe

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    Problem with Current Cost History form Europe

    I have successfully installed the plugin Cost for current homes (see I'm from Spain and use the euro currency.
    Data are collected well as you can see in the image attached but the graphics of the historical data do not work.

    I using HS and windows XP and my EnviR

    Please I need help, thanks


    You may have a localization issue that Beta does not handle. I would file a ticket/bug report for support from HomeSeer directly; they do not use these forums as an official support mechanism.



      Not that I use the plugin still i'd be surprised if there was anything in the database that had the currency (I can't remember the structure of the database, but id've thought it stored only values)...have you tried moving the database out of the HS directory, then restarting and starting gathering data again. It could be a corrupt database...


        I believe the localization issue had to do with the use of a comma instead of period as the decimal separator (e.g 12,345 vs 12.345).

        If I had to speculate in lieu of facts (and who doesn't like to do that ), the graphing issues seen are due to ENVI interpreting the comma as a thousands separator instead of a decimal separator (e.g. 25,000 kWh as twenty five thousand kWh instead of twenty five kWh).

        A quick and dirty test would be to change the localization to use the period as the decimal separator and see if ENVI begins behaving itself.


          Yes of course forgot about that, in fact I think you hit the nail on the head as google charts uses the comma as a data seperator - so this could be whats causing the charts to display incorrectly. A reminder to check my own envi plugin to see if I ever catered for this...


            Thanks for your help.
            I deleted the file "History, db" and "Current Cost plug-in" has created a new one and for a few minutes I could see the graphics working, but after 5 minutes, the graphics look bad again. As Mark42 says, is a problem of the localization issue in version Beta.

            Tomorrow I'll edit the file "History.db" with MS-Access 2010 to see the data but do not think is a problem in the data but the graphical representation.

            Sorry for my English, is a mixture of mine and Google


              Mark42 Sorry, but I can not make this change in localization because it affects other programs I have on the server and especially to other plug-in that I have installed the "Homeseer"



                History.db is SQLite. I downloaded sqliteodbc.exe from and installed the ODBC driver so I could read the data into Excel 2003. See also

                To be clearer, I copied history.db from my HT2 onto may XP SP3 desktop; the desktop is where I loaded the SQLite ODBC driver.

                I understand about the localization setting on the server; I would document your localization settings and submit a bug report into BugZilla.
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                  I also saw the exact same behaviour. I then abandoned the plugin and went to Google Powermeter. Now with Google discontinuing the service I will retry the plugin.
                  Just changed the decimal settings on the HS server (W2k3) and see if it starts graphing correctly. And what functionality will break.... ;-)