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Last hour charting and transparency.

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  • Last hour charting and transparency.


    What is the code for getting the chart for the last hour of energy usage in hstouch?, i can get last day, and todayvsyesterday but can't see, tp get the last hour chart.

    Also with the charts, is there any way to have a chart made so that it is transparent and blends in with the background i have in hstouch, other than being blaringly easy to see that there is a white background of the image on something that is not a white backgound?

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    [$SCRIPT=&hs.plugin("Current Cost").ChartLastHourUrl(0,720,200)]

    Not seen any way to get the background transparent, but you can set the background as transparent, then set the ImageURLnormal as nothing, and the ImageURLpressed as the graph you want to see.

    That means you won't see the white background (or the graph) until you touch the image, when it will show the graph on its white background. Its not what you wanted but might work as an alternative?