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  • Mark42
    I would like the ability to specify when the 'billing month' begins, this would allow a direct (more or less) comparison with the utility bill. For example, my JCP&L billing month now starts on the 9th of the month not on the 1st.

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  • langenet
    started a topic CCE Feature request

    CCE Feature request

    While I know the issue of the current history.db size isn't resolved yet , I'd like to add a feature request in the mix.
    Currently, while the montly cost summary contains 12 months worth of historical information - which I know is the problem with the db size... I'd actually like to see my usuage 13 months ago or for a period of even more (user selectable). That is, I'd like to know the amount of electricity I used last November (given we are in November now).

    Again, given where we are with respect to time (now) and as the information from Sept or older aren't graphed, I don't understand why this information can't be calculated and inserted in a separate table in a single row for each month. Even given no maintenance to this historical data from a database prospective, the would amount to no space used and could be laid out as:


    Month YYYY Usage Cost
    ------ ----- ------- -----
    Aug 2011 900 kwh $100
    Sep 2011 800 kwh $ 85

    As October is currently used in the graphing of last months vs current month,
    keep it there until the current month becomes current month +1, then add the calculated summary to the aforementioned table, then purge all the data from whatever table is used to graph.

    Again, I'd like to know what I used this time last year and think this would also solve the database size issue...