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  • Additional transmitters and the help file


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    As far as I'm aware only the main transmitter will sum it's three inputs to a total KW if all used, if you use the mini transmitters or a second single input main transmitter paired them/it to an individual channel (u pto a total of 9) then they will not sum their total load.

    Each channel has it's own data output, and don't you know it with this plugin, as I presently use one single input main transmitter and 5 mini transmitters on subcircuits, with some 80 + ish house codes associated !.

    Hope this helps



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      Thanks for the reply.

      With the version 60 (all?) of the plugin the real-time amounts for all of the attached (in my case 4 spread across 2) transmitters looks to add into the total power rendering the "Current Cost Totals" useless as it overstates my power. Maybe my use is just weird (main panel feeding two sub panels) though it think it pretty common when you have more than one panel.

      Urgency - not much as I ignore the totals but it does seem to skew the charts.


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        Current Cost will be releasing NEW sensors that will that will slide over your SMART meter and use it's optical eye to pull usage reports INSTEAD of using the "clamp" style sensors they use today. This will be an option and you can use both concurrently if you wish. Should be released this quarter according to them.
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