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3P Current Cost Plugin Questions

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    3P Current Cost Plugin Questions

    I'm considering trying the 3P plugin now that I have an IAM.

    (1) Is anyone running the 3P plugin on a HomeTroller 2? i.e. does 3P require anything not on a bare bones XP box?

    (2) Is the history database specific to the 3P interface?

    (3) Do the IAM values go to 0 when the ENVI display shows 0?

    (4) How is total power consumption calculated? i.e. are the IAM values added to the the main sensor value (IMO this makes no sense if the main sensor is on the main circuit panel)?

    (5) Can the IAM values be historized independently?



    If you are on about the plugin I wrote then I would recommend updating that thread as this forum is for the HS plugin and people may be subscribed to that thread more suited to your setup.

    1)Although I don't use a HT then there is nothing really special about the plugin, I don't forsee any problems with the HT.
    2) Yes
    3) I can't say I have ever seen the display show 0, in theory the plugin displays whatever is sent from the unit. More commonly when something connected to the IAM is switched off then it will report 1 watt, when I have set events before I have used a trigger of greater than 1 watt signifies that the device is turned on. If your display shows 0 then the plugin should show it.
    4) The IAMs are seen simply as additional sensors, there is nothing special about them in terms of how they are represented. The CC meter supports upto ten different sensors, often sensor 0 is your whole house sensor and the remainder can be IAMs or other sensors.

    The CC meter works out the power history and it is completely seperate to your whole house data so 5) is also a yes.