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    Multiple Transmitters

    I have a currentcost Envi set up with one transmitter, which is currently measuring the whole house usage via one clamp on the houses main electrical feed (single phase, 240V 50Hz).

    This reports the realtime energy through Channel 1. Now i am looking at getting a few more clamps, and am trying to work out if I should get another transmitter and stick with CurrentCost, or if I should look for another solution.

    Id initially like to expand to a total of three sensors, with the Channel 1 being the main feed (read: Whole house power usage), whereas Channel 2 and 3 would be Lighting Circuit (well two, but the one feed that splits at the breakers), and the Appliance / Power circuit.

    Eventually id then like to add another transmitter, and measure the Oven / Stove, and two air conditioners.

    My question is, if i don't enable the other sensors in the settings of currentcost whole house usage, am I right in thinking that the graphing etc will only be actually displaying the Channel 1 sensor, which is actually the whole house usage, and the other sensors will just show up as additional devices in homeseer, that is I can see the individual circuit's (or group of circuits) power usage, but I won't actually be inflating my power usage by measuring a circuit that has already been measured and graphed at the main feed?

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