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  • HSTouch Graph for All Sensors

    Has anyone gotten the 10="All Sensors" to work. I currently have 2 transmitters (0 and 1). When I chart each one individually from one of the HSTouch scripts below, they work. When I replace the 0 with a 10 for all sensors, I get a blank graph. Anyone know if this is a bug?

    Here is the examples from the help file.


    To display data in HSTouch, use the HomeSee Device Association and select a Current Cost device.

    To display graphs in HSTouch add an image element and set the ImageURL property to the following:
    Day vs Yesterday: [$SCRIPT=&hs.plugin("Current Cost").ChartDayVSYesterdayUrl(0,now,500,100)]
    Day: [$SCRIPT=&hs.plugin("Current Cost").ChartDayUrl(0,now,500,100)]
    Month: [$SCRIPT=&hs.plugin("Current Cost").ChartMonthUrl(0,now,500,100)]
    Month vs Last Month: [$SCRIPT=&hs.plugin("Current Cost").ChartMonthVSLastMonthUrl(0,now,500,100)]
    Last Hour: [$SCRIPT=&hs.plugin(""Current Cost"").ChartLastHourUrl(0,500,100)]

    Replace 0 with the sensor to chart (10=All 'Sensors To Add' sensors), replace ""now"" with an actual date for different days (must be mm/dd/yyyy format), replace 500 with the width of your chart and replace 100 with the height of your chart.

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    Does anyone have this working in HSTouch? I opened a help desk ticket over 2 months ago and have not gotten any answer. Just wanted to see if it is a problem with the plugin.



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      Re: HSTouch Graph for All Sensors


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        Did you bump your help desk ticket?


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          Several times. That's why I decided to post here.

          Responses since 10/1/2012 include:

          "I am not sure what you are asking for help here. We do not provide support for scripting questions."

          "Okay. Let me check with a developer about this issue."

          "I am having my boss take a look at this. He will have a better idea of what the issue at hand is. Thank you for your patience."

          "I am still waiting to hear back from my boss. I will talk to him and see if there is any progress."

          "I will try and have a look at this as soon as I can."

          "We have been moving into a new office so big disruptions in operations, but I will have an engineer look at this next week."


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            Yes, it's up to Rich to look into this and I'm sure this is way down the list knowing how long the list is.