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Plug In Not Logging Data - Solved!

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    I bought mine from adafruit. It was like $5 or so...

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      Originally posted by spknapp View Post
      Current Cost no longer sells the serial cable, so I had to build one myself. I bought a TTL-to-DB9 cable (based on a MAX 3232 chip, I think CCs cable used a MAX 232 chip) from eBay and used a four-wire telephone cable to make mine.

      Bit of a shame they stopped selling it. I'm going to try and use the FTDI chipset I think, mines been up and down recently and I am fed up when I come to use it on another computer of having the driver fight. I'll see if I can make a guide if I get it running OK.


        My HomeTroller is locking up all the time now.
        First I unplugged the Current Cost USB cable because I thought that was the cause. Then it froze up again last night so I thought maybe it was the CC plug-in, so I disabled that. Now I can't access it again today and have to keep restarting it by holding the front power button.

        When I had the CC USB cable plugged in it would lock up and I would just press the power button and it would shut down. After unplugging the USB now it locks up and I have to hold the power button to shut it down.
        Now I have no idea what's going on.