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    Current Cost EnviR logging info

    Well the EnviR seems to be logging info through the plug-in after having some trouble getting it to work, However I was having some trouble getting the default rate of 0.13 cents to change. I tried several times changing it in the plug-in config. I have it changed to the correct cost per kWH on the unit.
    I was just able to get it to change to the correct cost per kW although it didn't seem to happen as it should.

    I had the unit hooked up with cat5 and a coupler so I could keep it in my kitchen and read the display while having it hooked up to the HomeTroller with the USB to serial plug that is located in a closet. Current Cost told me this would work, though it seems this may have been the problem as to why it wasn't logging info. Does anyone know why this is?
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      Ok so today I decided to try to figure out why the display was not working while hooked up in the kitchen to a 45-50ft length of cat5 and a coupler and it was working last night while plugged directly into the Hometroller with the serial to usb cable.

      So I tested my cat5 cable and cat5 patch cables again, they are good. Then I test my coupler, it was bad. So I replaced the coupler with a good one and hooked everything back up. No info was being logged by the plug-in so I removed power from the display unit and plugged it back in and still nothing.

      Then I brought the display to the Hometroller while using just a 1 meter cat5 cable to see if it was a distance issue and still no info was being logged.
      So I thought cat5 twisted pair must be a problem with this unit.

      Next I plugged the display unit back into the Hometroller dirctly with the serial to usb cable like it was last night when it was working for the first time.
      No info was being logged by the plug-in.

      I checked to make sure the port had not changed and the prolific serial to usb cable was still working properly in the device manager and it is good from what I can see. So I'm not sure what the problem is, I'll keep working on it.

      Update: So I restarted the Hometroller with the EnviR display unit plugged directly using the serial to usb cable and the plug-in was logging info again.
      I unplugged only the RJ45 jack from the display and then immediately plugged it back in. HS plug-in is no longer logging the usage info. So I unplug the displays power and than back in and still nothing. Next I restart HS and still nothing. After that I restarted the Hometroller again and now it doesn't log info.

      So I removed and re-installed the driver and still had no success and after unplugging the unit power, usb and restarted the hometroller many times in no particular order, it worked again. Then I attached the display to the 1 meter cat5 patch and coupler and it was still sending info to HS. Then I brought the display into the kitchen and attached it to the cat 5 wall jack and HS was no longer receiving info. Again I brought the display back to the Hometroller closet and plugged it directly into the Hometroller with the serial to usb cable and now it wasnt' working like that either, even after unplugging the power and data cable a few times.

      OK so this is very randomly working once in awhile and I can't seem to pinpoint a method to get it to work each time.
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