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Extend Current Cost over Serial to IP server

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  • Extend Current Cost over Serial to IP server

    I have the standard cable that came with my CC device. I have moved my HS3 machine to a location that the CC device cannot reach the signal from the clamp, but I have a serial to IP server in the original location with a spare port. Is it possible to find some sort of cable to convert the custom USB cable back to serial and then perhaps use VSPE or similar to create a virtual com port from the IP connection? Or am I trying to over complicate things? It's too far and too awkward to put in a USB extension cable.


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    It is possible but not straightforward, I don't think you can get the leads anymore from anywhere but there used to be a Current Cost > RS232 cable which could go straight into a Serial-IP server.

    If you are any good with a soldering iron then you can build your own cable from an old RJ45 network cable and one of the MAX232 line transceivers on eBay (it is a fairly simple circuit) to convert the output of the unit to normal serial level to go into an IP server. I had one of these running for years and it worked much better than I thought. There are a couple of guides out there to do this on the internet with respect to building your own cable.

    If it is going to be out of range where your new PC is then I think that is all you can do really...


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      Thanks Adam, will investigate that.