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Current Cost-Does not pair 4th amp clamp

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    Current Cost-Does not pair 4th amp clamp

    It looks like Current Cost Tech support and maybe the company are defunct?? No recent board activity. Something is up.

    Maybe someone can help me. I have two transmitters and 4 clamps, only 3 of the 4 show up. I have tried to re-pair them to no avail. Any ideas?


    I think that there are issues with additional sensors if you take a look here it might be linked.

    I don't know what is happening with the company, the web site is still up and the Amazon/eBay stores but they are not selling the meters any more which makes me wonder whether it is just temporary. I would imagine the peak has gone because the original idea was that some electricity companies in the UK were sending the CC meters out free (I got my first one for nothing, hence they are not that solid as units) and then people I think have lost interest or alternatives have come out.