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Welcome to the Efergy Engage Energy Monitor Plugin. v1.0.0.134

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  • Welcome to the Efergy Engage Energy Monitor Plugin. v1.0.0.134

    Efergy Engage Energy Monitor Plugin forum.

    The Efergy Engage plugin works with all Efergy Engage Online Electricity Monitors available from

    The Efergy Engage Plugin also works with Energy Hive Electricity Monitors available from

    Please post any feature requests for the plugin or indeed any issues.

    v1.0.0.134 Big improvements to device discovery and device creation speed
    v1.0.0.131 Introduced Cost per KWH setting to overcome issue with Efergy API stopping service tarriff data
    v1.0.0.108 corrected bug where Est Day, Week & Month costs were all showing the same value. in addition the CO2 devices were all showing the same values as well.
    v1.0.0.101 Added more debug logging around authentication.
    v1.0.0.49 has been submitted to the store which fixes this issue and introduces further debug logging, the release of which is imminent.
    v1.0.0.14 contains a bug in which the values may not be submitted correctly into the Homeseer Energy Database.

    The setup is very simple. just enter your Efergy or Energy Hive username and password under the plugins config page and click on the Efergy Engage Authorisation button. after which your Efergy Engage energy devices will be created automatically. just go to device management and select the EfergyEngage Room to view your new devices.

    The usage values are updated every 60 seconds and are updated into the HomeSeer energy database
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