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  • Plugin hasn't been authorized

    I can't get the plugin to install. I have entered my account details into the config and can see the token in my dashboard.

    The error is:

    WARNING The Efergy Engage plugin hasn't been authorized to access your Efergy Engage account, please go to the config page to authorize.

    Am I doing something wrong?



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    Thanks for the question, i first have a few questions. What format of Homeseer are you using, is it Windows or Linux?

    Secondly are you a Efergy Engage or Energy Hive User?

    When you state you see the token in your dashboard, do you mean that you see a token named homeseer in the App Tokens section of the Efergy Engage website?

    one of things highlighted in both this plugin and my Tado plugin was that there is little debug logging around the authentication process, so if it fails there is not anything to work with for troubleshooting. so with that in mind i have created a new version that i will be releasing in the updater shortly (Unless you need any other changes to resolve this)

    Could you delete the token named homeseer from the Efergy Engage web portal please? then disable the Efergy Engage plugin, and additionally delete the EfergyEngage.ini file from the <HomeSeer Install Dir>\Config folder. then if you can copy and overwrite the HSPI_EfergyEngage.Exe from the zip file attached to this post to the <HomeSeer Install Dir>\ folder, and copy the Efergy_API_Library.dll from the zip file into the <HomeSeer Install Dir>\bin\EfergyEngage folder, also overwriting the existing version.

    If you now re-enable the plugin using the slider it should show its been updated to v1.0.0.101, and go into the Efergy Engage config page and select the Log Level to be Debug and then enter your username and password whilst looking at the Log you should see some further debug information which will help diagnose the issue, ensure you don't inadvertently post the token here in the forum is it shows in the log, please sanitise the log of the token first.

    this should help us figure out what is wrong.
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      So it appears to be working now after installing the new version - but I did have to restart the plugin twice (2nd time created the devices).

      Am I right in saying it will not download any previous usage information and will only start logging from today?




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        thanks for the update, i will do some further checking as to why the devices didn't get created straight away.

        yes with HomeSeer's Energy integration i can only start posting values to the Energy API from the point the plugin is registered and started. i cant retrospectively add the existing values in the Efergy dashboards as these are combined and not instant values which the Energy API will not accept.