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Interested in what you are automating via HS3

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  • Interested in what you are automating via HS3

    I have been a HS3 user for several years. Lots of automation and scenes.

    Recently I added a solar generation system. It has been active for about a month. It is 10.2 kw which I think should produce more than my usage over the year. It consists of 34 panels and 17 apSystems microinvertors. At the same time, I installed an eGauge energy monitor. It is monitoring and reporting both gross production and consumption. It has a relatively nice browser interface but no mobile app.

    The nature of this post is to ask what do you intend to do once integrated in HS3. My power company does not do tiered pricing so energy costs the same whatever time of day it is. So the obvious of scheduling high energy activities during the off-peak times really makes no difference where I live.

    What kind of ideas do you have to integrate into your home automation?

    BTW, eGauge does have a nice API based on cgi and XML. Also, the eGauge device holds it's own history locally for many years which can be queried.

    I also invested in a Chevy Bolt EV but I haven't found any type of api to communicate with. I understand Tesla has a robust API. Not Chevy.

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    I don't do too much in regards to automation myself, just a number of small rules mainly about notifications etc.. so for example if turn on the lights that i use when preparing food and cooking and i see an uptick of energy usage then i trigger i set a counter value. if that counter is not reverted (because consumption has returned to normal levels for 5 mins) if the cooking lights are turned off and after 10 mins its not reverted i send a voice notification that the oven has been left on. likewise if we go out i send a mobile notification etc..

    additionally i can tell if my hottub is on Full or Eco and i send notifications if the Consumption remains high for over 24 hours as the mode has been left on Full.

    but that's pretty much it. the main driver for me to get this into homeseer is to have current consumption and energy graphs right on my wall tablets so i can see at a glance the current usage and then when i press on the tile i get a last 24 usage chart.

    on a side note though in theory i should be able to figure out energy footprints of specific devices and a long term plan would be to identify those devices so i could automate more.
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