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    Hi All,

    The New version of the Plugin will now support Linux.



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      Hi Mat

      Hope you are ok - and not too affected be the fires and now heavy rain...

      just installed the plugin on ZEE and it started without problems.

      I have a 7,7 kWh battery installed too.
      I would like to be able to start my Samsung HVAC when the battery charge is e.g. 70% and the PV output power is over 1500W.
      then I would be able to heat the house for free 👍

      But I am missing the battery charge state is the devices you create.
      If you can pull the usage from battery too, that would be great!
      I see in the initial post that you is writing that we can request that you get those too.

      I have also installed you Samsung plugin to test - but Samsung have made some changes to the SmartThings app, so my Samsung WiFi kit does not connect any more.
      I was going to test during Christmas but no luck...
      Samsung techie is scheduled for tomorrow to upgrade the FW on the WiFi kit - hopefully that will get me connected to the SmartThings app - and will allow your plugin to find the hvac..
      any chance you could extend my test grace period?

      regards BrianB

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      Last edited by BrianB; January 20th, 2020, 10:31 AM. Reason: update: two screen dumps added. Looks like battery charge power can be found by looking at P_Akku parameter 


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        Hi Mat
        Just noticed what could be an error.
        The sun has set and plugin report current generation at same level as house hold usage.
        In fact the power is drawn from the battery

        Regards BrianB


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          Hi BrianB,

          Thanks for the notes, Your correct, The Plugin at the present state doesn't factor Battery's at all. and it would think the Solar is generating the power in the Calcs.

          I didn't have a Unit with a battery to test.

          Happy to add support, But will likely need a few protocol dumps and some testing if your willing?

          On the Samsung Plugin, Yep happy days, I believe you just request it from Homeseer, if you get stuck let me know and ill chase it up for you.



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            Hi Mat
            sounds like a good plan.
            let me know what to provide for you...

            about the Samsung - my WiFi kit has died after FW upgrade so I am waiting for a new one - it will take a week or so.




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              Hi Mat
              some of the W Numbers have me puzzled a bit.
              take a look the the two pictures
              one shows the devices in HS the other one the data from Fronius Solar.web
              your plugin reports in W and Solar.web in kWh
              do you see similar differences in your system?

              if possible the plugin should report kWh for accumulated data - W is ok for current data, as this is a ‘now’ situation and it makes sense.
              basically it does not make sense to state that total generation is 560175 W - you need to factor in the time to get useable data

              reagrds BrianB

              PS nice sunny day today, tomorrow projection is 1,5 kWh due to clouds...
              Last edited by BrianB; January 22nd, 2020, 12:24 PM. Reason: Mat: just checked again. The totals is reported by the api in Wh. But still the data does not match what is displayed in Solar.web so I have raised a case for Fronius support on that problem.


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                Hi Brian,

                Apologies i have not been able to get to this sooner, I will release a Beta of the plugin as soon as i can that has Logging in it, Then from that API log i can work out the battery component.

                I have the API docs, But even with them it took me a while to get all the Calculations to work with a non battery system, And your right, you need to effectively log at set intervals and then do calculations to capture the time factor if that makes sense, The plugin does this and writes it to the Homeseer Energy Database which handles the accumulation.

                The device numbers are incremented at the same time so they accumulate.

                As for the Watt's, Everything from the API comes in raw Watts, I left the plugin native to this, But allowed you to change it in the setup page, i use a divider of 1000 and suffix of Kw, But what it doesn't do is allow a different Suffix for Accumulated values like Kwh.... So i will fix that.

                I believe the difference in your system above is i am only registering what either feeds to grid, or feeds to your home, and what goes to your battery effectively goes to the Ether never to be found again.... So i think its important we nut out the battery storage side of the plugin to get you on your feet.

                Apart from that, are there any other parts of the API you would like to see? There is some other data in there, and some of it is relevant in Australia eg Backfeed voltage, If the grid voltage surges up above the allowed threshold the system will drop output to zero for 10mins, I planned to capture this when i first got my system however i am lucky and have never had it happen.

                Will try and get to the plugin to make changes today, However it could be the weekend before i get to it, apologies for that.



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                  Thanks Mat, take the time you need.
                  Do you have a users for Solar.web- if you do, I can give you a guest access to my system, so you can see how things is looking with the battery installed.
                  Please mail me at my gmail account - remember .dk or it will go to a guy in the US :-)



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                    GetPowerFlowRealtimeData.fcgi output with batteries installed
                    "Body" : { "Data" : { "Inverters" : { "1" : { "Battery_Mode" : "normal", "DT" : 99, "E_Day" : 2264.60009765625, "E_Total" : 568461.8125, "E_Year" : 568461.8125, "P" : 502, "SOC" : 11.80000019073486 batteries charge status percentage } }, "Site" : { "BatteryStandby" : false, "E_Day" : 2264.5999999999999, "E_Total" : 568461.80000000005, "E_Year" : 568461.80000000005, "Meter_Location" : "grid", "Mode" : "bidirectional", "P_Akku" : -886.20000000000005, batteries charge in Watt - negative when charge, positive when power is used "P_Grid" : -7.2300000000000004, "P_Load" : -494.76999999999998, "P_PV" : 1450.8000000000002, "rel_Autonomy" : 100, "rel_SelfConsumption" : 98.559760956175296 }, "Version" : "12" } }, "Head" : { "RequestArguments" : {}, "Status" : { "Code" : 0, "Reason" : "", "UserMessage" : "" }, "Timestamp" : "2020-01-25T12:26:24+01:00" }


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                      Hi Mat

                      I had reported the mismatch of the yearly and total energy values.
                      Below is the response about the E_total.
                      As I understand it, if you charge your battery - e.g. during night - then the energy used from the battery will add to the e_total when you use it, and would look like production, but it is not. Guess that would influence the daily and yearly numbers too. So it seems to be quite complex to calculate the correct numbers.

                      regards Brian.

                      PS they are planning a new FW version for the inverter to support more battery data in the API

                      The total energy value of the inverter is only what the inverter sees on its AC side. In Solar.web, the production value equals the production on the DC side, not the AC side.
                      As a hybrid system does have multiple energy flows, not only DC(from pv) to AC, which would be approx. the same, minus efficiency. The total energy value of the hybrid inverter does not really matter as the energy flow on the DC side (PV to BAT) is not considered at all.
                      I case of a hybrid system efficency is a very complex thing as we would also have to consider the ambient tempreture by the batteries.
                      Comparing the energy value of the inverter with the Solar.web values also does not accurate as Solar.web only shows 5min average values. Besides that, energy for the calibration charge taken by the battery is not considered by Solar.web.
                      By the looks of it, in the past you have tried different settings regaring the battery, which is might be right for the demanded purpose of the setting. However if you consider the days, for example the one I have attached as battery.png. You can see that you battery was charged twice a day to 67% SOC from grid and then immedietly discharged to minimum SOC due to consumption. Which has no production value added in Solar.web, but when you discharge the battery it is adding production value on AC side into the inverter´s log.


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                        Hi Brianb,

                        Apologies for the delay, I have had some computer issues im hoping to have solved soon.... Once i do ill get something sorted for you....

                        I am confident i can get your system accumulating correctly, The historic total will likely never be right, But should be able to get the daily and monthly devices to work fine...

                        I can also create a yearly device if you want it.

                        While im in there and given you have a knowledge of the API, please do let me know if you want any other devices created from the API, and ill do that at the same time.



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                          Hi Mat,
                          no worries...
                          Basically I only need the values for P_akku and SOC to be able to automate use of free energy. Battery-state would also be useful.

                          GetInverterInfo.cgi would give you the state on the inverter.
                          GetActiveDeviceInfo.cgi?deviceclass=System would list the devices in the system
                          GetStorageRealtimeData.cgi should list information about the battery. API does not support BYD battery yet, so I cannot share an example.

                          on the more funny part...
                          GetLoggerLEDInfo.cgi would give you data to emulate the display LED on the inverter.

                          I do not need any calculations nor history data - I will use Solar.Web for that.

                          regards BrianB


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                            Just a PS - the E-day, E-total and E-year is not the PV energy generated.
                            see E-day from today before sunrise on the attached picture - nothing generated yet put the value is 2000+ because I charge the battery at night and use from it after 05:00


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                              Hello, I just bought your plugin guessing that's why did not work...but the plugin do the same i register with the codes.... goes on & off to infinity with the message : "CRITICAL: Plugin has disconnected."
                              Please help me ! I must do something with my Fronius Invertor ? I've conected the invertor via wired network just to be sure and I also activated ModBus (tcp, float).
                              I tested the cgi page to be sure the data is there :
                              give me :

                              { "Body" : { "Data" : { "1" : { "Current_AC_Phase_1" : 1.7490000000000001, "Current_AC_Phase_2" : 2.7850000000000001, "Current_AC_Phase_3" : 3.1179999999999999, "Details" : { "Manufacturer" : "Fronius", "Model" : "Smart Meter 63A", "Serial" : "19220360" }, "Enable" : 1, "EnergyReactive_VArAC_Sum_Consumed" : 1390, "EnergyReactive_VArAC_Sum_Produced" : 28168900, "EnergyReal_WAC_Minus_Absolute" : 61, "EnergyReal_WAC_Plus_Absolute" : 4439062, "EnergyReal_WAC_Sum_Consumed" : 4439062, "EnergyReal_WAC_Sum_Produced" : 61, "Frequency_Phase_Average" : 50, "Meter_Location_Current" : 0, "PowerApparent_S_Phase_1" : 413.11380000000003, "PowerApparent_S_Phase_2" : 659.48800000000006, "PowerApparent_S_Phase_3" : 739.90139999999997, "PowerApparent_S_Sum" : 1608, "PowerFactor_Phase_1" : 0.68999999999999995, "PowerFactor_Phase_2" : 0.98999999999999999, "PowerFactor_Phase_3" : 0.81999999999999995, "PowerFactor_Sum" : 0.90000000000000002, "PowerReactive_Q_Phase_1" : -271.06, "PowerReactive_Q_Phase_2" : -4.75, "PowerReactive_Q_Phase_3" : -395.99000000000001, "PowerReactive_Q_Sum" : -671.79999999999995, "PowerReal_P_Phase_1" : 260.06, "PowerReal_P_Phase_2" : 623.58000000000004, "PowerReal_P_Phase_3" : 577.58000000000004, "PowerReal_P_Sum" : 1461.22, "TimeStamp" : 1581967525, "Visible" : 1, "Voltage_AC_PhaseToPhase_12" : 409.60000000000002, "Voltage_AC_PhaseToPhase_23" : 410.60000000000002, "Voltage_AC_PhaseToPhase_31" : 410.10000000000002, "Voltage_AC_Phase_1" : 236.19999999999999, "Voltage_AC_Phase_2" : 236.80000000000001, "Voltage_AC_Phase_3" : 237.30000000000001 } } }, "Head" : { "RequestArguments" : { "DeviceClass" : "Meter", "Scope" : "System" }, "Status" : { "Code" : 0, "Reason" : "", "UserMessage" : "" }, "Timestamp" : "2020-02-17T21:25:25+02:00" } }


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                                is zero size.
                                Can you fix it ?
                                Thanks !