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  • Hi Cata
    try to run (change IP) on your system.
    I think that current generation will match E-day numbers - so it is not what is being produced by PV
    Its a Fronius calculated number for today’s energy
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    Last edited by BrianB; May 5th, 2020, 12:40 AM. Reason: Added screen shot with example for E-day and P-Er på vej!


    • Hi Mat,
      I attached a screenshot.
      Click image for larger version

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      • the front LCD panel of fronius displays under the “LOG” tab

        ”AC energy Yield”
        .. which i would be fairly certain correspond to the items you have red circled.
        they are energy (kWh) counters maintained inside the inverter
        hence the daily needs to be read (prior to midnight) & stored, similarly if you want monthly - it needs to be summed from daily energy.

        what i suspect ( but not certain about) - is this is the AC energy output by inverter - & hence in the case of a hybrid inverter with a battery connected - it does
        NOT? inc the PV energy used to charge battery.... and its also unclear if it includes? the AC energy produced by the inverter from battery discharge.

        Mat (the plug in author) - will have a better handle on this - as I know he has spent a lot of time reconciling the various values,
        however he and i had not as yet reconciled the energy counters - as I have a battery fitted to my hybrid inverter (we have been focussed on the power values/parameters)


        • Hi All,

          Apologies for the Radio silence, Had some Technical issues lately....

          So to try and clear up all the questions....

          The Plugin uses its own calculations to work out the various numbers, These are based off the numbers supplied by the Datalogger and more specifically by the Smart Meter if its installed....

          In the Case of Greg's setup (Which he has kindly got me many logs to try and support his system) he has 2 Inverters with a datalogger on each, however 1 Smart meter that controls both....

          So, The calculations i used to use needed to change, (Along with the fact he has a battery system).

          The Latest Beta has the New calcs in it, and from his feedback they are working or his system, However it has obviously broken the Standard 1 inverter set, I have 1 inverter so should be able to re-create this and fix it soon...

          The Numbers supplied from the meter should be as close as possible to accurate, I checked my Loads (Which was the part i questioned originally) against another device and they are very close... And the output of the PV and Grid Export does match expectations as well....

          So i use the various pieces of info to calc out all the numbers, and then accumulate them into the Energy Database inside Homeseer (Will probably add another Database, But lets get everything working first.)

          Now, the Calculations are "Fudged" to net out exactly.... So on my system they are usually within 5 Watts... Which I add to the household load as the Draw from the unit and lets be honest its negligible and i dont really care about it... On a Battery system this gap widdens somewhat, But still is less that 100w... Which is a bigger gap, But lets be honest battery charges get hot.... that heat comes from somewhere... But you will always get a Netted result with that 100w being absorbed as load (As it is a load) but it happens behind the meter so its absorbed if that makes sense....

          So in anycase, Moral to the story is i'm back on deck and will fix the calc issues shortly.

          Greg did also mention he had a couple of Random plugin crashes that we are yet to explain, If anyone else has had this happen and has logs for it can you please private message them to me.



          • mat, we need to try to nut out a solution that is as generic as possible, to hopefully cover various system configs,,
            i realise my system is a bit of an outlier - & all the fantastic work by u to get it working, but seems thats now broken the simpler systems.
            to the extent i can help with more logs etc at present (working remotely to my system) - will do whatever to contribute to us getting a working solution
            that hopefully covers mine and others.


            • Hi Gregy,

              All good, My intentions are to get your solution working... With Power companys in Aus dropping the Feed In Tariff its only a matter of time until we all get batterys.

              I have been unable to work on it recently, So will try and get back to it asap.



              • hi mat
                no worries - likewise some distractions as you know, im now back home & starting to focus again on getting it sorted.
                of interest - i have had you PI disabled for last 2+ weeks - & im still getting some HS shutdowns (with “corrupted” config file) - it restarts and loads the backup.
                I dont believe its a disk problem (system inc HS runs from an almost new SSD) .
                So conclusion is that its not your pi causing teh crash, I do have one suspect zwave module (multiple switches) that im suspicous of , ive ordered some replacements to eliminate this module & see if it resolves issue.

                I still owe you a (half written) email - with list of items to address ...soon.
                cheers greg


                • Hi Greg,

                  Thanks for the note, The config issue is strange, But it may be related to the conflicting Plugin somehow... So i might install that on the test system and correct the shared config page and see if that solves it.

                  On another note, I have just released beta which resolves the calculation issue reported by Cata that i messed up with changes to the calcs... turned out it was a Minus of a Minus type issue, So replaced with Plus as we are good to go...

                  However, For your system the program takes a different route, So if you could possible test this when the system is dropping off on solar generation that would be great, About the time that the system is not supplying your house and starting to pull current from the grid is when the calc may play up.. But there is an extra trigger in your calculations depending on where you battery is at.... If its still drawing current it calcs one way, if it is full then it goes a different way...

                  Thanks for all the support, ill make sure i get it all sorted, In the next change ill generate some crash logging code and add that so we can see if it is the plugin crashing causing you config issue.



                  • As my system gets installed and more panels go online, the generated power is going up but the household use keeps matching it watt by watt.... total house consumption is less than half a kW right now but according to the plugin I am instead consuming exactly what the solar generates and not yet exported a single W. Doesn't make sense. Running the beta version of plugin if that helps.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 2.22.37 pm.png
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                    • I'm not actually home hence can't ask the installers what is going on BTW - maybe they have it running in some mode that doesn't feed anything initially and achieves this by burning all generated power? Just a wild guess.


                      • Downgraded from the beta to - now the feed to grid is 100% and house is using 0% LOL

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 3.56.43 pm.png
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                        • Hmmmm then it crashed 2 minutes later - no more data coming in

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 3.59.34 pm.png
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                          • Restarted plugin multiple times but it only works for a few moments and then it's gone again. Showed feed into grid but no house usage.

                            Have reverted back to the beta so it is stable now but back to no feed into grid and house using 1200% of solar.


                            • Hi Tillsy,

                              Sorry to hear your having some trouble, Can you please enable logging on the Config page and let the logs run for 10 min or so, Once done disable the logging and you should be able to download the log file from the Config page. If you could private message it to me i can have a look and see whats going on....

                              I have seen this type of thing when the Inveter or smart meter is not on the First or Second channel of the data card. But i will need to review the logs.

                              Ill get it sorted out no matter what the problem is.



                              • I'm not actually home hence can't ask the installers what is going on BTW - maybe they have it running in some mode that doesn't feed anything initially and achieves this by burning all generated power? Just a wild guess.

                                not sure if relevant to your situation.
                                when my solar was installed - we had it running with “no feed into grid” set in the inverter - because untill the power company come and reprogram your meter,
                                the export can (for some meters) be actually measured as import! .. hence you are actually paying for what your exporting (ouch)
                                my installers set this - untill my meter was updated (took a couple of weeks) .. and then we changed the inverter setting to allow it to export.
                                ... not sure if this is your case.

                                In my case .. SE QLD served by energex - using a “ATLAS EDMI Mk7/mk10 meter ... house was initially setup with only IMPORT (no solar), and untill meter was reprogrammed - it woudl not recognise export .. hence i was warned that i would be paying import rate for my export - untill energex came and reprogrammed.