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    Back in 2014, Rien and myself have developed this Plugwise Pro plugin. As Rien was also the owner of the original Plugwise (non-Pro) plugin, I believed it was only fair to have Rien as the primary contact. I developed all the the code for the original stick and plugs, and Rien developed the Stretch and SmileP1 portions.

    Now, 5 years later, Rien doesn't actively develop HomeSeer plugins anymore. As you might have noticed, all of his plugins have moved to the "Legacy" part of the updater, as he is unable to support them currently. So I reached out to Rien asking what to do with our Plugwise Pro plugin. I think it would really be a waste to have a great plugin like this removed, as I think it still has a lot of happy users (including myself).

    With the permission of Rien, I can take back ownership of the plugin. There is just one issue; I stopped developing free plugins. So any future release would be a paid version.

    I have some ideas about a next version, like splitting single devices into multiple devices (Z-Wave style, with a root device) so access to status, and power info (current and total) would be more easily accessible. Being able to reset power info more easily and by using events might be an option as well. And perhaps there are other features you can come up with that I might consider incorporating.

    Also, support would be picked up again. I have a good track record of being supportive to my plugins, and I would certainly do that for this plugin as well.

    Anyway, please let me know if there is still (enough) interest for this. And if moving to a paid model would be a problem for you. If you have any good ideas for a next version, let me know as well so I can consider them.

    Thanks, Stefan.

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    Note: I will not force users to move to a new, paid version. If you are happy with the current version, just stick to it. I will rename the plugin to avoid confusion but will re-use or migrate existing devices to the new plugin as much as possible to avoid issues with events, scripts etc. I only need to come up with a new name... Plugwise and Plugwise Pro have already been used. Any suggestions? What about Plugwise Power? Plugwise Advanced? Plugwise v3?