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Plugwise seems to be not updating

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    Plugwise seems to be not updating

    Hi Rien,

    First of all many thanks for this well designed plug-in. These are one of the rare plug-ins that can work without reading through the manual.

    Setting it up was quite easy. But after that I encountered some trouble:
    - The information seems to be not updating (I also closed down Homeseer and opened the Plugwise source that shows updated figures)
    - Only 13 of my 19 devices are shown 'on', others are shown as 'off' (Plugwise source shows these as 'on')

    Could you help me by pointing in the right direction?


    Lots of thanks to Stefxx who helped me out on this one. I'm now a very happy user of the Plugwise Pro plugin. It was difficult to track down to one single problem source, but lastly a full reset (disable plugin, delete all devices and plugwise files in HS3, including the ini), restart of HS3 and the pc and rerunning the installation proces solved all my problems.

    Again I'm amazed by the help of people on these fora!