Dear forum members,

I started a trial with HomeSeer 3 and the Plugwise-pro plug-in. I am
impressed and want to know more about the products.

In the Netherlands it really makes sense to try to stay within the 3x 25
Amp electric home connection instead of a 3 x 35 Amp connection. The
cost saving will be around 650 Euro per year. I can buy sensors and
switches to make this work. However the HomeSeer Plugwisepro
combination looks more flexible and programmable. Since I invested
already in the Plugwise system, HomeSeer looks the way to go.

I am not a professional programmer. I made a scripts on my PC, the same
PC that I use for Plugwise, I saw some switching based on energy
consumption happening. So far the script ran with manual start, the
reoccurring script process is very unstable. The diagrams/graphics don't
show up yet.

My questions:
1) once I made a test-script with several events to manage my maximum
energy consumption, how will this be send/uploaded to the plugwise
2 do I need a constant running pc/server?
3) since I need this only for the purpose mentioned, what is the
cheapest/relaiable product/offer to get this running?
4) how to get some good examples for my project: manage a 3 phase (3 x 25A) electric consumption patron (in order to prevent overload) ?

Look forward to hear from you.

Best regard,