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    Feedback on plugin based on prior experience

    Hi Spud, thanks again for taking on this plugin!

    I have the "Legacy EAGLE" I have been generally displeased with the rainforest cloud and its reliability. It seems this plugin uses the Rainforest cloud as the primary connection method. I have my HS3 server and Rainforest Eagle on the same subnet. Is there any way that we can bypass the rainforest cloud, and perform direct socket or another method connections? I would prefer an alternate method of connection. I know back a year or two ago when I got the unit I had a Python script running that grabbed data directly using a socket connection. I think that may have been deprecated in favor or the REST API however I think a direct connection may still be available on the Legacy Eagles (eagle-100). Also I am open to updating the configuration of the eagle, so that it pushes (instead of pull) to the homeseer server addon by updating the cloud URL in the eagle device cloud settings. Either of these options I think will be more reliable than the rainforest cloud.

    The biggest problem I see with this type of device is when it stops sending data, then you have gaps that differ from the actual production. If a cloud option is the only option I think a combinations of having some logic on the state of the connection as a device in homeseer and an automatic way to injest the history of the missed polling might help to overcome some of these issues and add options for us that will ultimately provide more accurate, reliable and resilient data.

    I'd also like to say big thanks to Spud for putting this plugin together! I recently made the switch to HS after working a bit with OpenHab and Smartthings previously. Both great in their own right, but OH still relies heavily on the self-guided programming and ST works well for a cloud-based service. Really impressed with HS, and don't mind paying extra for plugins considering the ease of use.

    Just wondering if it's possible to get the Eagle plugin to work directly through LAN as I've had it working in both previous setups this way, and allows for more rapid polling without hammering their cloud server, and of course not relying on a WAN connection. I'm not much of a programmer, but here's a link to their REST API: . I know that you have to enter the local device setup and uncheck the "Enable Security" option in the device settings to allow local API access (which disables the rainforestcloud updates). Any chance of having this implemented would be awesome... one less cloud thing to rely on