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    mingfwu Can you try dropping these dlls into your HomeSeer folder? I really don't know how exactly .NET (and mono) searches for built-in libraries, but maybe it'll recognize these?
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      Thanks for sharing. That's an interesting idea. Let me play around with this -- I tried placing those dlls into my homeseer directory as well as the path referenced.

      I'll play around with mono and the debug logs to see how to get it to try to pull in these or other DLLs. Since I do have the full mono 6.10 build, i'll also try those DLLs since I know those definitely work with the plugin (But just not with homeseer). I'll see if I can find anything in the config that would allow me to reference a different path (perhaps something in the .config file will allow me to specify a path -- I notice that most reference bin/homeseer and that there are DLLs in that path).