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    Hello fellow UltraECM3 users I got a question. I noticed a couple of issues with my GEM and UltraECM3 plug in recently. My 5 temperature probes all began to read 32F. I checked the GEM and it is reporting the same so its not the plugin and I haven't begun to determine what has happened although welcome to any assistance from the group if this happen to you before?

    Secondly, while I am logged into the GEM I noticed that there is quite a delay (over 8-10 minutes) before the plugin's device values update vs the realtime GEM values. I recently installed an EV car charger for my son and I planned to use to capture the charging cost of electricity. It reports the load accurately but takes almost 7 minutes to report the charger load to the plugin and between 8-10 minutes to report when the charger load stops.

    Could this be as simple as my set up? I haven't touched it in a couple of years. The GEM packets are setup for Realtime Status on, Bin48-NET-Time, Primary packet send interval 8 secs.

    Any suggestions?


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    My temperature probe is working well. Because the GEM only uses a pull-up resistor on the data line, it is susceptible to failure with unusual wiring topology and multiple sensors. How are yours wired?

    My readings from the GEM are updated about every 75 seconds. If the load changes on any channel, it is sent to HS on the next update. You may see some problems if viewing the live data on the GEM, because it only handles one connection at a time. When I am connected and reading live data, the updates to HS stop.
    Randy Prade
    Aurora, CO

    PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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      Rprade thanks for quick reply. My temp probes are one-wire all 5 of them are in parallel if I recall. Its been a couple of years since I installed them on my heating system zones and domestic heater water. I will spend some time this weekend troubleshooting. Maybe I got a bad probe and its pulling down the others. I am pretty sure I dedicated the home runs to the GEM so should be pretty easy to disconnect an test each.

      As far as the GEM reporting delays to the plugin it does seem to take longer than it used too. I'll try disconnecting from the GEM this time and clock the device updates of loads a little better to see if there is any difference. As long as you don't see a packet setting issue of mine then I can rule that out.

      I'll report back thank again