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Cannot connect ECM1240 RS232

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  • Cannot connect ECM1240 RS232

    I am running latest HS3 with UltraECM3. Cannot connect to ECM-1240 through direct RS232 although I can using Brueltech IA setup program.

    Not sure if this is the cause, I noticed ECM-1240’s serial number got reset to 0-00000 after a power cycle. Before this happened, it was working fine under HS2 with UltraECM2 (with same RS232 connection). After serial number was reset to 0, plugin cannot connect under either HS2 or HS3.

    Also noticed when using Brueltech IA setup program, I can only connect when COM port speed set to 19200.

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    Solved. Need to use IA setup program to instruct ECM-1240 to send real time data, then start HS. Think it would be useful if the plugin can instruct ecm-1240 to send data, if it is not already set.