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Chart report not same as load

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  • Chart report not same as load

    I am using your plugin (3.0.5378.31939) to record from a GEM, utilizing all 32 channels. All is working properly on the Load Page, but I have 2 channels on the charts page that do not correspond with the load page. Both have duel CT's, and I verified that the data is the same mismatch with one CT disconnected. I have another channel (AC Unit) that is also duel CT and it works properly. The reading, for example, is channel 32 (Water Pump 240V) shows 1440watts on the load page and only peaks at 94 watts on the chart page. Same mismatch for channel 15. these are the only two that do this.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You.

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    Hello KSO, the loads page is a near real time view of energy usage. The charts page is a summary of the channel energy usage by hour.

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