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    Thanks for the instructions. It appears to be working.

    The one thing I had to do differently was my computer never asked me to acknowledge any firewall prompts. The data would not flow unless I disabled my windows firewall. I had to create a manual rule to open port 8080 on that computer.


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      same problem!

      hi, I just installed the plug-in ECM3 (BUY), to communicate with my DASHBOX. Hardware setup is working, so I can talk to my DASHBOX and GEM using the serial COM1.
      The problem is that I dont see the plugin in my DROPDOWN hen it's ENABLE. I know someboby had this problem before, but I have tried to solve it the same way he did, but it doesn't work. It seems that the plugin is NOT installed properly. I see a UPGRADE3 directory in my homeseer HS3 directory, normal? need help...
      I have tried to reboot, i'm running latest version HS3 and latest version of plugin ultraecm3. Tried to uninstalled and reinstalled.
      Thanks ...
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        woah, this is great, just setup my dashbox to push the packets to homeseer.
        this warrants a how-to sticky IMO

        I never like binding things to the gem 8000 - really troublesome if you have multiple things pulling from that!

        i sae some ultraecm failure in the status tab of ultraecm - so i put the buffers upto 10 to see if that helps.
        what does 'failures' mean?
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