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Installing a BRU-TECH ECM-1240

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  • Installing a BRU-TECH ECM-1240

    Ok so I'm picking up 2 of the BRU-Tech ECM-1240 kits and a RSR-232 to Ethernet kit. When the MUX is back in stock I'll grab one of them.

    Is there anything I need to be aware of prior to installing these guys with my HS3 system? From the board it seems like they work well with the UltraECM plugin and HS3.

    Looking to visually see energy usage by home and circuit (and a couple appliances like the dryer and fridges and freezers). Would like to work the displays into my custom hstouch interface (likely using HTML, again).

    I know this isn't the spot for it, but can anyone suggest a clean / safe way to monitor water and gas usage too?

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    The UltraECM3 HSPI does not support the Brultech MUX device. I would be happy to add support for it if Brultech sends me 2 ECM 1240's and and MUX, but that is unlikely to happen. So, you'll need to either connect them to your HomeSeer system via serial or Ethernet connections.

    Any reason why you just didn't go with 1 GEM instead of 2 ECM 1240s?

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      Originally posted by Ultrajones View Post
      Any reason why you just didn't go with 1 GEM instead of 2 ECM 1240s?

      I was wondering the same thing. My GEM has been great.
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        Mostly it was cost... however going back over the spec sheets for the two devices I think I made a mistake in selecting 2 of the 1240's over perhaps a single GEM.


        The GEM's spec sheet is pretty nice (a pain in the arse to find both spec sheets to compare them though - unless I missed something obvious on their site).

        Now on to revisiting my plans and hiding the receipts from the misses til I sort this out.


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          any updates?
          I too have 2 1240's and a mux...

          i havent done anything with anything lately... after getting my basement done and uninstalling ALL this so electrical inspector doesnt have a cow...

          so i could install again but still dont know what plugin to use or anything...
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            I have 2 1240s, use them with Ten's software for the moment.
            I'm planning on writing my own scripts to manipulate the date, but his "engine" works really well for quite a few devices.

            I still have 5-10 or so circuits I want to tie in. If you do not want your 1240s, let me know. I use a Edgeport USB -> serial port device on my server. Gives me 16 serial I just read each device by themselves.

            I bought these prior to the GEM coming I'm kind of "Stuck" on this path.

            for the MUX - are you referring to the wire that lets you wire TWO 1240s to 1 serial port?

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              As other said, GEM all the way. Simple math with their GEM package will give you a much bigger bang for buck not only for energy monitoring but home automation also. Today I am just wiring in my water meters and temp sensors.

              Send Brultech a message if you already bought the 1240s and ask about exchange. I have had very positive experiences with this team and wouldn't be surprised if they would honor such request.

              I've done several write ups on my system with some pics if you search for them.

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