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UltraECM2 Defrag Issue

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  • UltraECM2 Defrag Issue

    I was comparing my ECM readings with what my electric company says my usage is. My electric company allows me to export a daily usage into excel. The readings are within +/- 1.5% typically (which I am happy about) except for Wednesdays. Wednesdays were off by as much as 30%.

    So I dug into the data and low behold Wednesday morning data in the ECM database was 'sporadic', as in a data point at 0000, 0100, then 0412 or 0523 skipping several hours and not on the hour. I checked into various things and then realized that disk defrag runs on Wed mornings at 0200. Looking at the task scheduler history when defrag runs 'long' is when the longest missed data points occur in the ECM database.

    So I have shut off defrag.

    I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this, and if Ultra has any thoughts on it. I personally don't understand why defrag would cause a database update issue.

    Ken J.
    Windows 7 Pro, 32 bit

    HSPRO, ADIOcelot, HSTouch Server, iAutomate RFID, NetCAM, UltraECM2 2.0.5192.33660, UltraMon 1.1.4834.30105, UltraWeatherBug 2.5.5285.19921, ZWave Thermostats
    120 Z-Wave nodes, 3 Z-Trollers, Ocelot (4 SECU16, 1 Relay8, 6 Bobcat T), 9 iAutomate tags, Schlage Locks