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Example Usage: Laundry Completion

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    Originally posted by rprade View Post
    The change in value of a device is used to trigger an event. In the first event below the change in value to OFF of the washing machine virtual device triggers the event. The event sends a pushover message to our phones. The second event is the speak action for the event. The reason I separated the two actions is that we want the ability to mute speak events.

    Thanks for the never ending support.
    Now i just need to tweak my washing machine power value. I observed that when its started it only consume .75 to 4.7+- watts( once its done putting it jumps to 300-450 watts then stops (rinse cyle) back to 4.7 watts.


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      Works perfectly

      Thanks for all the good info.
      Did the trick on my washer and dryer.
      I use the Imperihome API to push the notification to my tablets.
      The wife loves it.